July 6, 2012

A preview of some past DIY

I wanted to share all of the things I have made over the last year or so with you. There's a huge assortment and it ranges from birthdays, holidays, cupcakes, weddings, and more. There's a lot. I warned you ahead of time. The photos were all taken on my iphone so I apologize if they aren't the best of quality. I will have some different posts on a few of them in the near future with instructions.

Warning: this post is picture heavy. 

Italian Love Cake

Derby day hat

Teacher appreciation gift

Paper flowers

Name meaning baby shower gift

Spiced apple pie cupcakes
Fire truck birthday party
Muno birthday cake
Candy corn headband for Halloween
Escort card for wedding
Thumb print Christmas lights
Countdown to Disney World Vacation!
Button L
Bridal shower centerpiece
Bridal shower party favor
Hot chocolate stir sticks for bridal shower
Halloween cupcakes
Halloween cupcakes
Birthday cupcakes
Gift for the ladies in the wedding
Cupcakes made from diapers, washcloth and socks for baby.
Diaper wreath
I spray painted some awful birds silver and sparkly
Diaper cupcakes 
Diaper wreath
Diaper wreath
Rehearsal dinner invitations
Fun filled New Year's Eve cupcakes
Blue iced cupcakes 
St. Patrick's Day cupcakes
DIY attempt at wedding centerpiece
2nd DIY attempt at wedding centerpieces
Ugly Christmas Sweater
Child's Ugly Christmas Sweater
Ugly Christmas sweater
Candy cane cupcakes 
Apple pie cupcake
Ribbon wrapped around wedding invites
Thor birthday favor bags
Thor birthday cupcakes 
Paper flower ball for wedding 

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