May 29, 2012

27 things to do in my 27th year.

I've seen other people post similar things to this and I thought it might be kind of fun to have a list to look back on next year to see if I was able to accomplish all 27 items or not. So, here we go!

  2. Go roller skating.
  3. Stay up for 24 hours to watch the sunrise and sunset. I'm probably too old for this one. I will still try it.
  4. Dye my hair red. And this will probably be a mistake.
  5. Bake more often. This should be more detailed. Bake at least once a month. All homemade.
  6. Buy a sewing machine.
  7. Learn to sew with the newly purchased sewing machine.
  8. Go camping. So I must also buy or borrow a tent. I would prefer to do this before summer is over. Please!
  9. Try Moksha Yoga and not die while doing it.
  10. Redecorate family room and turn into a play room.
  11. Have a grown up weekend away with another couple.
  12. Sing karaoke.
  13. Be in a wedding (someone get married and quickly)!
  14. Finish (more like start) the scrapbook of me and Iggy.
  15. Visit some place I've never been.
  16. Have a girl only girl’s night out.
  17. Volunteer.
  18. Submit a secret to Postsecret.
  19. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  20. Craft more.
  21. Plan a fantastic Golden Birthday party for myself.
  22. Start a collection. Vinylmations possibly?
  23. Have a fancy shmancy grown up dinner party.
  24. Host a cookie swap.
  25. Wear blush and lipstick. Maybe not the same day, but still do both.
  26. Recycle.
  27. Take some kind of class (even if it's at the library, some sort of class).
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It's official. I'm 27 now.

It's been a busy busy week! We went to Disney World (all 4 parks in 1 day, yes ONE day), had a cookout with the in laws, and celebrated my 27th birthday. Gosh. That's a lot. And to celebrate, here's a post of photos from it all.

Disney was magical. It's really the only way to explain it. I acted like a child when it was time to meet Mickey and Minnie. I would do it all over again. And we plan on it. 2 more times in the next 3 years. Eek. Can not wait. I will be having the details of our trip posted on Couponing to Disney soon! I'll post the link to it as soon as it's posted there (on a completely unrelated side note, I love love love reading Couponing to Disney. Please, check it out)!

I made this delicious 3 layer cake for my birthday: white cake, chocolate ice cream, and white cake. Delicious! I only had one teeny tiny slice last night and I've been thinking about it since I went to bed last night. I'm hoping it will still be as delicious tonight when I get home. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.
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May 1, 2012

Disney World budget.

I think the main similarity I am finding across all Disney World blogs is that everyone suggests to create your budget for Disney asap and adjust it as needed. I found a super helpful post for going to Disney for the first time here Chip and Co actually has a ton of great resources for your Disney vacation. I also have been obsessed with Couponing To Disney for not only the Disney portion of her blog but also the couponing onf course! She has some great tips on staying within budget and how to save up for your trip as well.

I figured as I go through the planning process (which is going to get more intense as we get closer) I might as well track our trip here. It's an easy way for me to keep things organized plus have this to keep as a memory as well.

So now to figure out a budget. We want to make sure we don't spend more than we can afford on this trip (or any trip for that matter) and still end up having the best time possible. I'm a very frugal (ok, super cheap) person and like to keep vacation the same way.

When we went to Cabo last year, we did a great job at keeping things affordable. That was first of all thanks to the fact that the trip was paid for by Iggy's work. We only had to pay for souviners out of pocket. We kept those under $100. That was including a cab ride to San Jose, tipping the housekeeper, and souvineers for us, Logan, Iggy's family, and my dad. Pretty good, huh?

We never set a budget for our honeymoon because we really did not give ourselves time to even plan that out. We wanted to figure out something that wouldn't break the bank. Turns out after adding up all costs, we spent more than I even thought we had. Here's a breakdown of the honeymoon:
  • $450-4 night cruise to the bahamas (all food on the cruise was included)
  • $250-gas for the drive to and from Florida. We had stopped for gas a total of 5 times and ended up with a little left when we got home
  • $180-cost of a new tire! Yes, we got a flat tire on the way to Florida and that cost us a pretty stinking penny. I still hate that tire on the car.
  • $89-because of the flat tire, we had to spend the night in Tifton, Georgia at the Hilton. They gave us a good rate because of our situation. I'm still very thankful to have stayed there than the ran down Motel 6.
  • $90-this covered all gratuity while on the cruise. It was nice to just have it billed to us instead of having to remember to leave cash whenever we had some food or to tip the housekeeping staff.
  • $100-for food, snacks, and drinks during the drive. We ate mostly snacks from gas stations and did have some delicious food from a ChickFilA diner.
  • $90-on souviners. We each got a shirt, Logan got a light up necklace, postcards, shot glass, something for Iggy's family, a photo, and a few other things.
  • $50-cab rides, a drink on the beach, and dinner in Freeport.
So for our vacation in the Bahamas we spent about $1250. I think that's pretty decent considering we didn't even have our honeymoon planned until it was about 30 days until the wedding. It would have been better without the flat tire, but nothing can be done about that now.

Now, on to what I plan what we will spend in Disney. I'm scared of how quickly that number is going to increase once we are there. I guess we will have to just wait and see. Eek.Pin It Now!