July 21, 2012


Listening: I spent this week listening to the Glee Graduation Album. It was by far one of my favorite episodes of Glee ever so the album is pretty much the same.

Reading: Oh my! I read The Fault In Our Stars in 3 hours. Probably one of the saddest books I have ever read. I found out that it's going to be a movie (can. not. wait.) so I plan on seeing it when it comes out. The book had me in tears at so many different parts. If you haven't read it, read it now. I really mean it.

Watching: Where did this week go? Seriously. I don't feel like I watched much television or any movies. I hope to see The Dark Knight Rises soon though. 

Working on: Oh I have so many things I've worked on in relation to the blog this week! I made some wonderful papers to help me organize all upcoming posts. It's pretty fantastic how I managed to get it all organized.

Thinking about: Work. I applied for a new position and only hours later I found out that the position is now only going to be hiring in Texas. I'm not moving to Texas. So I'm not getting the new position. 

Anticipating: How can I seriously type that I'm anticipating nothing? Well, I guess it is because I really am not at this point. Let's hope this changes. And fast.

Eating: So many tasty things this week. Haha. And by tasty I really just mean normal food but everything seemed to just taste so much better. I did make some delicious pizza casserole dish that has now made me want to have a casserole party with our friends. Recipe to come soon.

Wishing: For Logan to snap out of whatever bad mood he has been in lately. I don't quite get it. He's been moody, rude and just plain mean this week. I do not know why he has been this way but I just wish he would go back to being the nice little guy he usually is. Pin It Now!

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