July 14, 2012


Here is my second post of my currently series I am doing on the blog. You can view the first post HERE.

Listening: I got Lee Brice's Hard 2 Love cd from the library last week and loved it. I know, I'm publicly admitting to liking country for the second week in a row. 

Reading: I finished Signs Of Life last week and started on Beautiful Boy this week. It's a very moving story so far. 

Watching: Unfortunately, all of our regular shows are on break right now and I've been watching a little bit of everything. This week I did watch Franklin and Bash and Love in the Wild. Ha.

Working on: We had a big Pinterest craft night last night. I made some oreo treats, a bracelet, 3 necklaces, 3 mugs and 2 plates. Photos will come soon.

Thinking about: My mother in law being sick. She's never sick and for over a week now, she has been in the hospital 3  times. It started with cellulitis and then it got worse. And now she is allergic to one of the two medications that they prescribed. It makes me think how lucky Logan is to have her around still since my mom isn't here anymore to be his grandma. I just hope she gets better very quickly.

Anticipating: The next week. We will be going to the county fair with some friends and we are going out of town next week for a wedding. I love going to weddings since it gives me a reason to dress pretty.

Eating: I feel like I didn't eat much this week even though I know I did. We did have a food day at work. Oh my. I had rice krispie treats, brownies, veggie pizza, buffalo chicken dip, Skyline dip, chips, crackers, cinnamon rolls. See, I knew I had a lot to eat this week.

Wishing: That we have a great weekend! We woke up late. Very late. And haven't even showered or left the house today. And yet, we have nothing planned. Pin It Now!

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