September 17, 2011

It has been over a month since the last post and I feel like it was just yesterday we were goofing around with our seating chart. Ha.

Last night was Melanie's wedding. Everything was so perfect and represented Melanie wonderfully! The centerpieces were amazing. The husband cut the wood, the inlaws grew the flowers, and her sister helped assemble the terrariums. I can't believe how delicious her candied apples were. Omg. And she looked beautiful. Her photographer was beyond amazing. I am still in love with him and haven't even met him!

Now for our wedding!

We are 76 days away! That's not far at all. And our list has not started to get smaller, only I think I am adding more than I am taking away. I don't even know what to do or where to begin. I guess it's time to get  back on track instead of adding more to the guest list.

I finished our invites on Monday and then we sent our invites out on Tuesday. During this same week, we added 10 guests to our already too large of a list! I think we are right at 170 guests invited now. Our original list began with the idea of no more than 100 people. Those 70 extra guests, I don't even know who they are at this point! Strangers I suppose!

Betty sent out the bridal shower invites last week. And this past weekend Iggy's grooms shower evites went out. He has a theme for his party! And so do I. I have just ordered thank you gifts for the girls for my shower. Adorable, thank you to the wonderful friend who made them! And Betty's thank you shower gift is almost complete.

I will repost the never ending list. And see how it looks now.

-Make belly bands with ribbons and embellishments (a work in process, daily. 44 completed, more to go)
-Insert with wedding website information
-Assemble bouquets
-Assemble boutonnieres
-Order the 2 garters (finish the diy part on the keepsake one)
-Iggy's present (1.5 out of 3 completed)
-Dress for bridal shower
-Rehearsal dinner clothes for the two of us
-Rehearsal dinner invites
-Create bridal shower/groom shower invites
-Have dates decided upon for both showers
-Betty's thank you shower gift (1/2 finished)
-Parents gifts (well, Betty's gift)
-Phil & Brian's usher gifts
-Tuxedos--->Pick style, order & fitted
-Finish ring bearer thing, this is not a pillow! Buy and DIY.
-Buy disposable cameras (12-15)
-Make scavenger hunt paper
-Photo upload card inserts
-Finalize bachelorette guest list
-Readers gift
-Decide on readings
-Meet with Reverend T Michael
-Secret signs (2)----> Now I only remember what 1 of the 2 secret signs were supposed to be :( 
-Decide on dates to send out invites
-Assign bridal shower tasks
-Assign groom shower tasks 
-Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, and reception
-Honeymoon and $$$ for honeymoon
-Original Place cards (oh, please let us have time to do these) & email about the part I can not diy
-Table Numbers---->(I think I have a great idea for what to do with table numbers)
-Play/do not play songs for receptions
-Meet with DJ again
-Veil----> Yes or No
-Church decorations: Drip less candles, pew decorations, rose for moms seat, signs, memorial candle
-Ceremony programs (part of the way done)
-Centerpieces---> Decided upon. Just need to purchase. And diy.
-Make toss bouquet
-Hooks for church pews
-Accessories for something secret
-Finish bachelorette party thank you gifts (1 is DIY and the other is purchased)!
-Last of groomsmen gifts
-Iggys shoes
-Address invites
-Stamps & lots of them (2 books purchased for RSVP cards)
-Bridesmaids dresses----->Looked at some styles. And decided on a couple that I like. Now to get the girls to go look, try on, and get them.
-guest book for rehearsal dinner (yes, I want a guest book for everything)
-Guys order tuxedos by November 1st
-Girls get sized at David's and pick out their dress
-Pay for secret thing
-Pay photographer

I don't think the list looks too intimidating now. At least that I was able to update a couple of items. 

Now off to (hopefully) see The Lion King with my family!Pin It Now!