November 21, 2011

This weekend was so fun I'm still exhausted.

The title of this blog is not a joke. I have been at work for almost four hours and I still feel asleep. I have had two cups of ice water and half of a five hour energy drink, see:

And I'm still worn out. I got hardly no sleep Friday night at all, I fell asleep after 4 AM and woke up right before 8 AM! I napped on and off Saturday afternoon and went to bed around 2 AM Saturday night. Got up at 11 AM on Sunday, napped for about 3 hours, and went to bed last night around 2:30 AM and woke up at 7:15 AM this morning!

It was worth it though! I had more fun than I could have ever imagined! I have some fantastic ladies in my life and am so happy to have them around me! I got of work early Friday and met my bff/MOH Kelli to head to the mall at 11 on Friday morning. We shopped around for things she needed for my party that night. We went to Kroger and picked up some food and ate some amazing samples throughout the store. I had two spicy tuna rolls, chocolate chip cheeseball that I dipped gingerbread pita chips in (OMG amazing)

and some not so great cranberry something or another, I'm not a fan of cranberries so I had low expectations even trying it. And then last we had this cheese dip. It had red onions and other delicious ingredients in it. It was so good I bought it and took it to the bachelorette party. There is none left today since I consumed the last of it yesterday afternoon for lunch. Yum.

So now! My bachelorette party! Fun! When we got to the hotel, I showered while Kelli and Cassie were decorating the room. I came out to find a Wonder Woman super hero themed party, complete with capes and all! I was so surprised and excited over the theme, it couldn't have been more perfect for me!

This was the outfit I wore. I had to wear a white dress since I am the bride to be. Cassie made me my Wonder Woman headband, cape and cuffs. Honestly, I was hesitant about wearing it out because I thought I looked a bit crazy. Turns out that people love capes. Haha.

Our room number was 528 which is my birthday. We found it appropriate to take a photo of it.
Here are all of the wonderful women who came out to the party and the panties that represent them. I had to guess based off of the underware who brought them. I missed one but other than that, I did a great job! I am so happy to have so many new pairs of underware to wear for the honeymoon! Thank you all!

Yes, we all wore our capes. I love mine so much!

A group shot! Then the camera kept taking photos. The rest are hilarious! Haha.
My favorite photo of the night! While we were walking the bar, we were getting honked at and had to cross some pretty busy streets! Turns out, I can walk in heels.
This is after I may have had one too many drinks. I went on stage to ask the band to help me find a man in the bar with the same name as Iggy. Of course, a nice man lied so I could try and win the scavengar hunt challenge!

That it is for my photos of the party because the rest are a bit too much to show. I was lucky for Cassie to take so many pictures for me! Thank you again! We all had so much fun. And after we left the bar, we got a cab right back to the room (thank you to the nice cab driver to take us back for less than what we should have paid you). In the room we ate lots of food, but I dont remember that at all. And then Cassie fell asleep and Kelli and I laid in bed talking until she left super late in the night.

Cassie and I woke up bright and early, got our things together, I showered, and we straightened up the room and headed to breakfast. We had eggs, waffle, bagel, and juice. After that Iggy and Logan picked me up and we headed to Waffle House for Logan to have breakfast. I seriously had so much fun. I can't believe it was that great of a night!

Iggy's bachelor party was Saturday. Matt came over around 215 and Josh, Travis, and Adam showed up around 3. They left to go indoor go kart racing, do a food challenge at Bards Burger

and then spent the evening at the casino with cigars, gambling, and some drinks. He got home after 2 AM and we fell right asleep after he showered the cigar smell off of him! That was the only photo from the guys night out because Josh was the only one to take this single photo.

It was great and am so thankful that we both have so many people to have been able to share the night with!Pin It Now!

I know I have a wedding in 1 week, 4 days, 10 hours and 17 minutes, but I cant help myself.

I should be focusing on the wedding and our never ending list of to do items, but right now I'm more in the Christmas spirit than wedding spirit. I can't help it, as soon as Halloween is over (I know, a lot of people hate that some skip Thanksgiving, but I'm one that skips it) I go straight into Christmas mode. I have all of our indoor decroations up already except our large tree. Tonight I will be hauling it up from the basement and putting it up but we won't be decorating until Tuesday night when Iggy is home.

I spent all day yesterday watching Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel and ABC Family. I love Jenny Mccarthy so I had a great time watching both of her Santa Baby movies and then two very touching (yes, I cried) Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel. I have Christmas movies set to record as far out as our dvr will allow me at this time. Tonights plan? Watching Santa Paws with Logan! I've never seen it and he loves dogs so I'm pretty sure it's going to be a wonderful evening. I've already snuck in watching The Santa Clause with Logan and Iggy. Logan loved it and paid attention to the entire movie, which was his very first real life movie and not a cartoon.

We have all of Logan's shopping completed as well. It is nice to have it all done, but it's all finished at a late time in the year for me. I usually get his finished early so I have time to focus on all of the other gifts I need to get. I dont even have a list started of what to get who. I have a vague idea for a couple of people and that's it.

I've just really been thinking about the holidays this year and wanted to post about them. I'm also excited to celebreate Christmas Eve with my niece and nephew who I do not see very often. Logan really enjoys playing with them and they are coming over for the evening to eat dinner and open some presents at my house. I know Logan has been excited about it but more than anything, my niece Natalie has been talking about it since February! I really can't wait.

I've been trying to encourage no gifts for me and Iggy from each other mainly because we are spending so much on the wedding and then we are having the honeymoon. And we have so many expenses along the way that Christmas gifts seem crazy to get each one another at this point. Plus, I have a really great gift for him for the wedding that I hope he loves/wants/appreciates. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on that one.

It probably would be appropriate to have something in this post about the wedding, so here it goes. We have a long list of items we are doing tonight. I can't wait. We are finalizing our play/do not play songs for the reception and dinner. I'm getting out our suitcases and putting in our warm weather clothing and our passports and other items for the honeymoon. I'm going to do our slideshow (well as much of it as I can without adding music or the photos that Cassie took) for the rehearsal dinner. And no worries, we will not be having a slideshow at the wedding. I love them for everyones wedding, but I know that most people hate them and we figured it would be best if we didn't have one at our ceremony or reception. We are doing our first real seating chart since all guests have RSVP'd. I am going to assemble all church decorations that I have completed so far and prepare the rest of it to work on tomorrow while at work. That is a lot since we haven't done anything for awhile.

We are waiting on a large package for the guys shoes and Iggy's shoes. We got them black high top Converse to wear at the ceremony and reception as part of their present and we are waiting on Iggys Converse too since his are not sold in stores. And (not wedding related) I am still waiting on some nail polish I ordered over 5 business days ago. I chose 3-5 business day delivery so it should have been here by now. I wanted to wear it to my bachelorette party that was on Friday. I didn't get it by that night so I wore a pretty pink nail polish that Kelli let me borrrow.

Photo from here.
Next post? Of course a recap of the bachelor and bachelorette parties from this week. Warning though, that post my be a little bit photo heavy!Pin It Now!

November 17, 2011

17 days and counting.

  1. Assemble boutonnieres- 6 to make ???????
  2. Order garters and DIY both the keep and toss
  3. Iggy's present (1.5 completed)
  4. Assemble bouquets 2 to go
  5. Betty's gift (getting 11/05)
  6. Figure out gift for Phil and Brian
  7. Ring bearer book. Buy and DIY. ????????
  8. Buy disposable cameras-need 11 ??????
  9. Make scavenger hunt paper ???????
  10. Photo booth sign
  11. Sign for guest book at church
  12. Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, reception
  13. DIY place cards & buy rest to finish them
  14. Seating chart
  15. Play/do not play song for reception
  16. Phone call with DJ
  17. Church decorations- drip less candles, finish DIY pew decorations, pew hooks, rose for moms seat, memorial candles (2), church guest book 
  18. DIY ceremony programs
  19. Centerpieces
  20. Talk to new Reverend Zach
  21. Make toss bouquet
  22. Finish getting photo booth accessories
  23. Book hotel for night before cruise
  24. Pack for honeymoon
  25. Groomsmen shoes
  26. Iggy's shoes
  27. Logan's shoes
  28. Andrea's bridesmaid dress
  29. Tux for Chris and Dad
  30. Pay photographer
  31. Bachelorette party- November 18th
  32. Bachelor party-November 19th
  33. Email Josh guest list for bachelor party
  34. Suitcase for photo booth accessories
  35. Bonnie's earrings & maybe necklace
  36. Wrap wedding party gifts
  37. Write thank you notes to wedding party
  38. Wedding day survival kits- 8
  39. Buy extra treats for chocolate fountain
  40. Marriage license
  41. Dress back from Abby
  42. Finish bridal shower notes and mail
  43. Book wedding night hotel
  44. Rehearsal dinner slide show
  45. Rehearsal dinner wine/champagne
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November 4, 2011

New. And updated. To do list.

Here's what I think is left to do. And with only 28 days and counting, I'd better hurry. Eek!

  1. Assemble bouquets- 2 left to do
  2. Assemble boutonnieres- 6 to make (I think)
  3. Order garters and DIY both the keep and toss
  4. Iggy's present (1.5 completed)
  5. Betty's gift (getting 11/05)
  6. Figure out gift for Phil and Brian
  7. Ring bearer book. Buy and DIY.
  8. Buy disposable cameras-need 11
  9. Make scavenger hunt paper
  10. Photo booth sign
  11. Sign for "guest book" at church
  12. Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, reception
  13. DIY place cards & buy rest to finish them
  14. Seating chart
  15. Play/do not play song for reception
  16. Phone call with DJ
  17. Church decorations- drip less candles, finish DIY pew decorations, pew hooks, rose for moms seat, memorial candles (2), Kelli's part of "guest book", items for "guest book"
  18. DIY ceremony programs
  19. Centerpieces
  20. Make toss bouquet
  21. Finish getting photo booth accessories
  22. Book hotel for night before cruise
  23. Pack for honeymoon
  24. Groomsmen shoes
  25. Iggy's shoes
  26. Logan's shoes
  27. Andrea's bridesmaid dress
  28. Tux for Chris and Dad
  29. Pay photographer
  30. Bachelorette party- November 18th
  31. Bachelor party-November 19th
  32. Email Josh guest list for bachelor party
  33. Suitcase for photo booth accessories
  34. Bonnie's earrings & maybe necklace
  35. Wrap wedding party gifts
  36. Wedding day survival kits- 9
  37. Buy extra treats for chocolate fountain
  38. Marriage license
  39. Dress back from Abby
  40. Finish bridal shower notes and mail
  41. Book wedding night hotel
  42. Make thank you cards bachelorette party
  43. Rehearsal dinner slide show
  44. Rehearsal dinner wine/champagne
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Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Honeymoon!

I can not wait at this point! Look:

Yes, that's what I see when I log into view our honeymoon details. We will be going on a cruise out of Port Canaveral, Florida on December 4th and return home on December 8th. We are going to Freeport and Nassau. Neither of us have been on a cruise or to the Bahamas, so we are pretty much so excited that we can't even describe it.

I used the cruise as a great excuse to grab two dresses at JC Penney this weekend. One that I will use for the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner and then the other I will use for engagement photos #2.Pin It Now!

So much to keep up with. And I'm falling behind!

I have so many fantastic things to post about and have not found the time recently. I'm also going through some emotional and stressful things on top of the wedding planning that is making things a little more rough than usual.

Tonight, after Logan goes to bed will be another blogfest where I catch up on all that needs blogged about. I find it necessary, you may not.

But a friend's blog here and many friends on Facebook are posting daily in the month of November what they are thankful for. I think it is silly that we wait until the month of Thanksgiving to do so, but it gives me a feeling of hope at this point. That there's really more to be happy about than what I can think of at some of my most awful times lately. So, here I go.

November 1st- I am thankful to have such a wonderful soon to be mother in law. I went dress shopping with her on this day and got to spend some time picking things out for her while she helped me get zipped up in some honeymoon dresses. It was a nice day.

November 2nd- I'm thankful for all that Iggy has done and will ever do for me. I don't know if he even realizes how much of a help he is for me, but I will be forever thankful for him.

November 3rd- I'm thankful for the number of amazing people in our life who are in the wedding to celebrate with us. Thank you Kelli, Josh, Travis, Cassie, Bonnie, Matt, Chris, and Andrea. It means a lot to have each and everyone of you involved!Pin It Now!

November 1, 2011

Exciting news!

I have been very lucky lately to have been given the opportunity to receive some wedding items to do a review of and then a giveaway of the item! I know I'm excited and you are too!

The first review will be posted this week. I can not wait to give you guys more information on it! :)

Be sure to follow the blog to be eligible!Pin It Now!