July 29, 2012

Button Bracelet

I found a few pieces of jewelry I have been wanting to make thanks to Pinterest and so far I have made 2 different necklaces and 2 bracelets. I'm going to share with you the most recent bracelet I made because it was much easier than the other bracelet and it was the one I was able to get more photos of so you can make it too.

I had no directions to follow, just the picture from Pinterest. Here is the original picture. I just looked at the picture and gathered my supplies and got started. Thankfully I had some butcher twine leftover from a different bracelet and my mother in law gave me a huge pack of buttons awhile ago.

And for future reference I have learned that I need someone else to model a bracelet, I have awfully ugly arms when photographed. And I should probably paint my nails before taking pictures of them.Pin It Now!


  1. Look at how cute those are!! I'm dorky and my first thought was, "These would make the cutest friendship bracelets!" Haha I think that's actually exactly what I'm going to do with them ;) Can't wait to see more from this lovely blog!

    1. Haha. When I saw them I immediately thought about making a bunch for all of my friends too. So you're not alone!