October 20, 2011

Stuck on centerpieces!

We have everything major decided for the wedding. I dont think that there is another decision that needs to be made. Things just need to be completed that we have already decided to do. Everything but our centerpieces thats is. Our venue has some restrictions with candles, they must be enclosed in a candle holder bigger than the candle. So basically no open flame. I have some cute blue tealights I want to use. And some white ones that I could use. They have decent handle holders and round mirrors to sit things on. They also provide a giant tall or medium sized vase I could fill with my own decoration. They have some plain boring white fake flowers that I will end up getting stuck with.

So now the search begins. My goal is to figure out what we are going to do. Here are some ideas I'm fond of. And no, I will not be using flowers in the centerpieces.

These are paper flowers from Martha Stewart that have ornaments as the center! Love it! Seems easy to do!

These might be too tall, but I love the natural look of the branches.
I love Ikea and I love these. I just dont know how I would use them.
This wouldn't fit in with any theme or color that we have, but I think they are gorgeous. Haha.

But I'm so torn between ideas! Ahhh!Pin It Now!

I wouldn't even be able to think of a title.

Lots of things going on in my mind right now. And I can't do anything about it besides post all of it here. So sorry for those of you reading it!

The first thing is that I need a haircut. I've been working and trying so hard to grow it out until the wedding but it's been stuck at that hideous in between stage that I can't get out of. I have been wearing it in low teeny tiny pony tails or pigtails every day. I wore it down at the shower and saw the photos from it. I hate it even more! I've gotten to the point where I think I have just given up. This is why I need a haircut.
Do you see how long it is? Time for a cut. ASAP. And this is how I want it cut:

Just short than that though. It is very similar to my regular haircuts that I usually get, its just a photo to reference!

I think we have decided on part of the gift for Betty! I hope she likes them because I love pearls!

I also bid at an estate auction for this wonderful brooch to put on my bouquet. I needed my something old and this will work. I'm wearing pearls for the wedding and wanted something to match.

I like it. It's vintage and will work perfectly. Its not too bulky and is long enough to fit! I should be picking it up tonight! And it was super cheap! Less than $5. Score!

There are several other things I've been looking at online. Well so much that it's taken me this long to sort through my favorites. They are:

These fabulous DIY thank you notes. I thought at first I didnt have a use for them, now I do!

I have to make these. I have about 30+ wooden hangers in a spare bedroom closet we have never used! Time to make some good use out of them!Pin It Now!

Crafting for the bridal shower.

This post is overdue, thats for sure. I fully intended to post it last weekend and never got around to it. Friday before the shower I had Bonnie and Kell come over to finish up the crafting for the bridal shower.

On the to do list was:
  • Banner
  • Circle felt banner
  • Tags for favors
  • Centerpieces
We were very productive and got everything completed. We even had time to make two additional banners! Plus I made the stirrers for the hot chocolate bar that night after they left.

See! We got a lot completed that night! We were up until 1AM working very hard!Pin It Now!

I think this was a rant of some sort.

I feel like there is so much going on right now and I can barely focus on any of it. I have work, Iggy's work, Logan's school, the wedding, honeymoon planning, Iggy's school, trying to find a balance for us to spend time together as a couple and then also as a family, time to clean our house, the holidays are starting (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year), and then there's Mexico in February. And while all of this is going on around me, I am trying to figure out what I plan on doing after the wedding is over.

We keep going back and forth on whether or not to have baby number 2 after we are married. If so, we are thinking to start trying in March. The simple thought of that makes me nervous for more reasons than one.
  1. I'm ok with Logan being an only child
  2. No sleep. For a long time
  3. Gaining weight again :(
  4. Logan will be in school in August
  5. Iggy starts school full time in January
  6. My medicine won't work with a baby on the way
  7. $$$ babys are expensive $$$
  8. Do we have enough room?!?!?
  9. Daycare (even more $$$$$)
  10. And many more
Plus I have another change I want to make early, very early, in 2012: a new job! I shouldn't even post that while I'm typing the blog at my current job, but it's time. I feel like I'm stuck here because of the wedding. I can't just leave and make such a drastic change while we are planning the weddign. Plus I have to finish out the year since I already have my vacation planned for the honeymoon. With the new year starting, I was wanting to make a huge change. Sometime different. I want out of a call center, thats for sure. I'm unhappy every day I come in to this place. So its time, time for a change. My goal is to start applying for jobs in December and January. Find a new one by March. Not quite as early in the year as I'd like, but it gives me time!

So this post had nothing to do with the wedding. Oops. And none of the posts today will have much to do with the wedding. A few sentences here or there, but that is it. I have a lot to say today. Some catching up to do. And a lot of pictures I wanted to post. Get ready, the blogathon starts now.Pin It Now!

October 18, 2011

Oh the fun at my bridal shower!

First I want to thank everyone who came to the bridal shower this weekend. It was a lot of fun and I felt very loved to have so many people there to take part on such a special day. It really made me feel like I was getting married! Haha. I know it might sound silly, but it's so hard to think that I'm getting married! We live together in a house we had built for us, have an amazing 4 year old son, and have been dating for almost 6 years! Eee!

But I wanted to share some photos, courtesy of bridesmaid Cassie!

We had a fun scrapbooking station set up for the guests to all get a chance to scrapbook some photos of me and Iggy going back as far as the 2nd time we had hung out! It was a lot of fun for me to watch those who had never scrapbook before give it a shot. The book turned out amazing and I love every page in it! We ended up chosing the best page out of the book for a prize and Melanie (where I actually got the idea from) won the gift! Her page was unbelieveable!

There was a hot chocolate bar for after dessert where guests could chose their own mug or tea cup to drink out of and keep as their favor. They had cute tags on them that said "fill me with something sweet. take me home as a treat". Kelli and Bonnie helped make the tags on Friday night. We had fun toppings to go with it as well. There was: whipped cream, peppermint sticks, nutmeg, vanilla and peppermint extract, and super cute diy sticks to stir with! I never got to pick out my own mug though! And we forgot to mention the hot chocolate bar earlier in the day so people knew about it! Oops!

These are the centerpieces for the tables! They were filled with skittles and gumballs and had candy inside the mason jars! Guests got to pick these to take home as well! We were lucky enough to end up with one at the end of the party! Yay!

Kelli made this wonderful sign to go on the dessert table! We had so many tasty treats to select from! And I didnt have to have a traditional bridal shower cake after all! More photos of that will come once I get them off my  camera!
Here is a sneak peek at the photos from the scrapbook! And the people in the background are hard at work on their pages! The page closest to this photo was the winner!

And here all of the wonderful ladies who helped make the day extra special! From making decorations, setting up, cleaning up, taking photos, helping with food, and much more! I gave them all a special note when they arrived and the matching headbands! They were made from a craft friend, her Etsy shot, Cute4Sale has some fun iteams always being added!

We had recieved so many wonderful gifts that have overtaken our living room at this point! Thank you again to everyone for the gifts! I will get started on your thank you notes this weekend! One very important gift I did recieve was from my aunt. She had written a very personal message in her card and then gave me a keychain photo of me when I was 2 years old. My parents had given it to my grandmother when they were taken. Then when my grandma passed away in 2006, my aunt recieved it. Now I have to keep. She talked about never forgetting who I am even after I become a wife. I may have cried. Lol. And once again when I read the card to Iggy that night.

And that's it for the shower, for now at least. I promise to keep up on the posts! And not have thirty days or so between them!

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45 days and counting.

Holy stinking moly! 45days away. Yes, that says fourty five days. I can not believe it myself. There is a lot left to still do, as you can see from the list below. But there is this strange kind of calm that has came over me in the last couple of weeks. I have not done much wedding related at all. Kelli and Cassie came over one night to work on some bridal shower and bachelorette plans, but other than that, nope, nothing. Maybe something will trigger my butt into wedding crunch time soon. I'm not wanting to compromise on any of the items that are left to do, but if it comes down to it, I will pick and chose what I don't necessarily have to have. Let's update the list and check off items as needed.

-Make belly bands with ribbons and embellishments (a work in process, daily. 44 completed, more to go)
-Insert with wedding website information
-Assemble bouquets: 4 to do, one completed
-Assemble boutonnieres
-Order the 2 garters (finish the diy part on the keepsake one)
-Iggy's present (1.5 out of 3 completed)
-Bouquet charm
-Clothes for bridal shower
-Attend bridal shower-Rehearsal dinner clothes for the two of us
-Rehearsal dinner invites
-Create bridal shower/groom shower invites
-Have dates decided upon for both showers
-Betty's thank you shower gift (needs wrapped)
-Parents gifts (well, Betty's gift)
-Phil & Brian's usher gifts
-Tuxedos--->Pick style, order & fitted. Brian and Phil going 10/29
-Ring bearer thing, this is not a pillow! Buy and DIY.
-Buy disposable cameras (12-15)
-Make scavenger hunt paper
-Photo upload card inserts
-Finalize bachelorette guest list
-Readers gift
-Decide on readings
-Meet with Reverend T Michael
-Secret signs (2)----> Now I only remember what 1 of the 2 secret signs were supposed to be :( 
-Decide on dates to send out invites
-Assign bridal shower tasks
-Assign groom shower tasks 
-Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, and reception
-Honeymoon and $$$ for honeymoon
-Place cards
-Table Numbers-Play/do not play songs for receptions
-Meet with DJ again
-Veil----> Yes or No
-Church decorations: Drip less candles, pew decorations, rose for moms seat, signs, memorial candle
-Ceremony programs (part of the way done)
-Make toss bouquet
-Hooks for church pews
-Accessories for something secret
-Finish bachelorette party thank you gifts (1 is DIY and the other is purchased)!
-Last of groomsmen gifts
-Iggys shoes
-Address invites
-Stamps & lots of them (2 books purchased for RSVP cards)
-Bridesmaids dresses-----> Kelli    Cassie     Andrea
-guest book for rehearsal dinner (yes, I want a guest book for everything)
-Guys order tuxedos by November 1st
-Pay for secret thing
-Pay photographer
-Attend bachelorette party
-Attend bachelor party
-Hunt down those who have not RSVP'd already.

Looks like we have more left to do than I was thinking. Eek.Pin It Now!