July 13, 2012

Owl Craft.

I had some free time while Logan took a little nap in the evening so I decided to do some crafting. I had the oatmeal container leftover from when I made the Strawberry Muffins and Oatmeal Cookies  so I wanted to make sure did something with it. I thought about letting Logan decorate it and using it just as a little bank but figured I could do something on my own with it.

Now we have this cute little owl who sits quietly in our living room. I love them and can't believe that the husband was ok with me keeping him out.

The only supplies needed for this project:
Oatmeal container
4 different pieces of scrap booking paper
Glue stick

Wrap one piece of paper around the bottom half of the container.
Wrap a second sheet of paper around the top half.
Fold in the top of the container until they meet in the middle.
And then attach the eyes, nose, and wings on the side. Simple and cute. 

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