March 31, 2011

Bouquet Toss. Decided.

I have just decided on the idea of the bouquet toss. First, I hate the idea. I hate going to a wedding and being singled out as a single person there. Most people we know are married so the bouquet toss is just offensive, at least I think.

I have looked at a lot of different options, but we have just decided we will be doing a bouquet toss for all of the lucky ladies at the wedding.

No pictures. No details. It's just decided. You will see at the wedding.Pin It Now!

One last post for the evening!

I did want to brag and say that I have one part of Iggy's gift purchased (still waiting on it to ship) and the other is almost finished! I can not wait to exchange gifts with him before the wedding. I want to see how surprised he is with his gifts and how happy he will be to marry me that evening.

I also have decided on the gift for Betty for the bridal shower. I hope she likes it. I have not purchased it yet, but I need to asap.

So many smaller things are coming together now also. The larger things are done, I think!

Large items checked off the list:
Church chosen and deposit made, contract received
Reception deposit made, second payment being made this weekend
Dress is in my closet
Flowers are finished, just waiting for them to be shipped
Super fun wedding day shoes
Rehearsal dinner location chosen and taken care of as a gift :) 
3 of the 5 bridesmaids gifts purchased
Invites to wedding/rsvp cards 
Thank you cards
Bridal shower invites 

There are more that needs done, I know. I just can not remember. I have a checklist I should find and start looking at it. I've kind of put off planning and details for awhile to just look for different ideas.

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The Honeymoon!

I'm sure Iggy has other things he is thinking about for the honeymoon, but I'm very excited about what I will be wearing (or lack there of) for the wedding night and honeymoon! Oh my, there are so many things that I must get before then! Here are a couple of items I love!

I totally know these girls will look way better in these than I will, but I love them. And I'm sure Iggy will too! :)Pin It Now!

Oh maid of honor & bridesmaids!

I have been shopping online all day for the rest of your gifts! I can not wait until the rehearsal dinner to give them to all of you!

I hope that you love them as much as I do for you! :)

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March 26, 2011

Oh crap. Guest list ++++

Our guest list keeps increasing. Thank god the sanctuary can only hold 160 people!

We are at 149 invited now. With no b-list at all. Oh please, let some out of town guests not make it! Ahhhh.

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2nd round of save the dates.

So I thought we had the guest list finalized when we realized there were many important people we forgot to add! So sorry for those who have not received theirs yet! They will be going out tomorrow!

We are happy to have more people to share our special day with! But not excited we have increased our guest list once again! We are about 40 people over what we had originally intended on inviting! Turns out our small wedding is now a medium wedding! I refuse to let this turn into a large wedding!

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March 25, 2011

Let's see what he can do.

So I've pretty much picked vendors, flowers, and everything else you can think of. Iggy has given his approval, but not really found something on his own. The other day I told him I want him to do one thing on his own for the wedding. I think he has a good idea of what is already done, but we will see.

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March 24, 2011

I also never go ANYWHERE without my wedding planning essentials! Still at the graveyard and have my wedding planning tote! This is at least as close as I can get to planning my wedding with my mom.

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Today reminds me of how sad my wedding day will be.

My mom has been passed away for 16 months now and it's getting easier. Except today. It's her 45th birthday.

And I just keep thinking in less than 9 months I will be getting married and she won't be there. She won't see the father daughter dance, me getting all dressed up for the big day, or even to take family photos with. It's not something I can change and I'm learning to deal with it even more day by day. It's just hard. I have to rely on the future mil to do all of the things my mom should have been doing, like throwing my bridal shower. Instead, none of that will be shared with her. And it hurts really bad.

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March 22, 2011

Pure romance party thanks to moh!

I think I have the best maid of honor ever. Pretty happy that I kicked my sister out of the wedding! What bride to be doesn't need a pure romance party? A night to spend with all of her closest girl friends and get all of the things that will be needed for the honeymoon and afterwards! :)

Haha. Can not wait.

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Well it never hurts to call and complain.

I called L & L limousine back today about the poor and terrible customer service I recieved yesterdan and spoke with a manager. I expalined that I also work in customer service over the phones and would have never treated a customer like that. She was very understanding and had offered to honor the deal that was listed on the website that the other representative was unable to find. With all said and done, I did get the discounted rate. The rates were ranging from $375 all inclusive to $306+tip. We were lucky enough to get ours for under $300 and all inclusive.

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March 21, 2011

Giving up on a limousine!

So very frustrating to find a limo for the wedding party to ride to and from the ceremony and to and from the reception site. They are only a few miles away. I called one company today, L & L Limo services. The customer service lady was beyond rude. I asked about a special listed on the website and she mentioned that the website was shut down and no one could access it. I tried explaining that I was on it at that time and she did not believe me and was basically calling me a liar.

After I explained to her the special she said that they didn't control the specials that the person in control of the website was putting them on there and it was all done by some reception hall here in NKY with the wedding special and I had to contact them and she didin't know who to contact or what reception hall it was. This got very frustrating especially since it took my entire break to try and figure something out with this woman.

I decided to just be rude back at this point. I asked her if she expected me to search for who controls the website and what recpetion hall to contact about a wedding special limo rental and she said yes since they offer the specials. I was a little sarcastic and mentioned they also had a special listed for a new baby coming home special limo ride. I honestly asked her if I should call the reception hall to also schedule a ride for a baby coming home from the hospital and she actually said that I should. At this point I gave up and told her that it was not a pleasure speaking with her and that I would be emailing the contact listed on the webiste to provide feedback. She then, being very rude, hung up on me.
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Paying in all cash!

I'm happy to say that we are paying for our entire wedding on our own & in cash! Nothing will be on credit! I don't think a wedding is something we should go in debt over and pay on until we possibly get divorced.

In 2 weeks after more deposits and final payments are made, we will owe only $1200 on the big ticket items: church ceremony, reception, photographer, DJ, and one other surprise!

Yay us!

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March 20, 2011

Diy take 2 today.

Here's the 2nd version of the centerpiece idea. Idk if I like the square or round.

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DIY continued.

Here are 2 more photos of the centerpiece idea I had. I'm going looking for a taller vase today to try and work with. The idea would be to have the vase sit on a Round piece of mirror and have blue votive candles around it.

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March 19, 2011


I have attempted several diy projects for the wedding. Table numbers, tissue paper pom poms, escort cards, and several other ideas still in the works. Here is my latest attempt at a diy center piece. It's not nearly done since I threw it together in the car before going to see a movie. I kind of like it but it's too short. I'm looking for some other things to make it better. More photos to come as I update it or scrap it.

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Very busy day.

Big weekend! We updated our registry at kohls.

And are debating on whether or not to delete the target registry completely. I have heard nothing but terrible things about their return policy on registry items. I just don't know.

Paid and signed the church contract! Love love love the wedding coordinator Sarah there. She's so helpful and very kind. We meet with Sean, our DJ, tomorrow to sign his contract and to pay his down payment. We are always spending money and I don't like it. :/

I did have fun picking out prizes for the bridal shower though! The ladies who win will be very lucky! See:

And, yes, I'm blogging from the car. Logan is asleep in the backseat

And Iggy is inside the store

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Yesterday was an etsy kind of day!

Paid for our flowers from Flowerthyme
I love her paper flowers! Very original and super cute colors!

Looked around for some bridesmaids jewelry and still have some decisions to make and grooms gifts online too!

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We signed our contract with our photographer in Wednesday! It makes us that much closer to actually getting married!

I love her photos! My gosh, she makes me want to have baby number 2 just so she can do baby photos for me! Here's her blog so you can oooh and aaah over the photos!

If you like her photos & want her to take some for you, let me know! I have several of her business cards to hand out! Plus, she's a very sweet girl!

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March 18, 2011

Oh yay!

Do you know what that means?! DSW has shipped my shoes! Holy heck!

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I think I'm in love with more than just Iggy!

So I finally caved and went into DSW after spending half a day at work gazing at all of their shoes! I found all of the shoes for the bridesmaids! Plus a pair I loved and wanted to wear to the rehearsal dinner.

The shoes I bought myself had to be returned because the box was marked the wrong size. So I got merchandise credit and got the shoes to wear at the wedding! Im not showing them to anyone, as long as I can hold out at least. But I love them and can not wait for them to be shipped!

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March 17, 2011

This first post is as stressful as picking a wedding date!

Ahhhh! Here we go. And we go forward with this without the help of the wonderful fiance Ignatius! He would probably not even enjoy knowing I am blogging about the wedding. Let's not tell him until he asks or finds out.  Today is a good day to start though, says there are just
left until the wedding. That's exciting and scary at the same time. 

I feel like we have a lot already finished and checked off of the to do list. But those are just the big things, not much of the small things have even began to even be thought about.

I did show the fmil (Betty) me in my my dress tonight. She thought it was beautiful and also loved the dress to wear out for the bachelorette party (can not FREAKING wait!). 

Plans for tomorrow is to actually update the blog. Show some photos of what we've done so far. 

PS. Im saving every bit of money we can for the wedding. We started with a small budget since we paying for it ourselves, out of pocket and no credit. I've gotten some really great deals and have found some wonderful vendors! I'll be sure to share soon! 

In the meantime, check out the wedding website. I love it. 

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