April 20, 2011

Gift registries-I hate them.

We have gone back and forth about where to register. Apparently it's suggested to register for two times of gifts for the amount of guests you have invited to the wedding. We are inviting 161 guests. That means we need at least 322 gifts. To me, that's ridiculous. I guess it's so people have a wide variety of gifts to chose from in different price ranges. We have done a very good job on making sure there a are low, medium, and higher priced items on the registries. We have finally decided that our registries will be from kohls, bed bath & beyond, and Macy's. It gives people choices from which store to shop at even. I'm just still thinking that the recommended number of gifts is a joke.

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April 19, 2011

theknot.com has me feeling pressured!

Do you see what I'm talking about? 227 days to go sounds like a lot of time. But they are saying I have 108 to-dos before the big day. That's about 2 items per day I need to be knocking off of their list. Looks like putting wedding planning on for the past few weeks hasn't turned out to be the greatest idea. Eeek. Gotta get started. And time to start delegating some tasks where necessary.Pin It Now!

April 14, 2011

Love getting mail!

Two great packages came in the mail today!

One package is for part of the bridesmaids gift! I can't say what it is, but it is great!

The second package is from Disney World! When you mail Mickey and Minnie your save the date or invite, they mail you back a congratulations package!

Mail always makes my day better!

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April 10, 2011

50% of the wedding party & and +1

Last night was a lot of fun and now posting this I think I should have started taking pictures earlier in the evening. We had the best man Josh, groomsman Travis, and maid of honor Andrea over and josh's plus one amber. Funny thing, before this wedding planning I would have just said we had some friends over, but to make this important to the wedding blog, I'm calling them by their wedding titles.

We made margaritas, made homemade pizza, and played spades. It was a lot of fun! I think we need to get the entire wedding party over and have fun one night! One a side note, I'm pretty unstoppable at spades.

Here are a couple of photos from the night!

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April 6, 2011

Excited about our first food tasting tonight! In just 13 minutes! We are definitely on track to getting married! We took photos in the car on the way, I thought it might be a good excuse to take some pictures!

After the food tasting I have my pure romance party to celebrate getting married! Im excited to be able to spend the evening with some close friends!

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April 3, 2011

So thankful for my MOH.

I really think Kelli is just fantastic! Not only as a best friend, but she is for sure the best maid of honor! She just suggested for all of the bridesmaids and myself of course go see Bridesmaids when it comes out in theaters. I loved the preview when we saw it so I can not wait to go see the movie. Especially with the 3 girls that matter the most to me!
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Something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

This is one of the few regular wedding traditions I'm set on following.

Old-My old is going to be the pearl necklace that Iggy got me in 2007. I have worn them only 3 times since I got them for me: on his birthday that year, one of our anniversaries and then at my mom's funeral. The second he gave them to me, I knew I would be wearing them at our wedding. This is the one item I want to have either a future daughter of mine or even a future daughter in law of mine wear on her wedding day.

New:Several new things: dress, shoes, and hair piece. The one thing I'm hoping to use as my new item though would be the perfect pearl dangle earrings I saw at Helzberg. I showed them to Iggy hinting that they are what I want as a wedding gift so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I have pearl studs already, but I want dangle ones that show through my hair and the ones I found are gorgeous! :)

Borrowed- I always thought when I was little that my something borrow would be something of my moms. That's not going to happen now that she has passed away. There's basically nothing that I would even have of hers to borrow. I think this will be one of the hardest ones to figure out. I might call my grandpa (dad's dad) and see if he has something of my grandma's I could wear (since she passed away 2006). It really isn't my wish to not have something of my moms with me, but even something of my grandma's would be nice. I need to get a hold of him and see what he says. I don't even know if he has something I could borrow. I was offered to borrow a veil of Nicole's, but I am still torn on whether or not to wear a veil, a flower hair piece, or a pearl headband. Too many decisions.

Blue-Got it. Knew what it was going to be the second we decided to use blue as our wedding color. Can't wait.Pin It Now!

April 1, 2011

I love Macy's!

I am usually NOT a Macy's fan. But after registering there, I absolutely love it. They are not expensive like I thought going into it. We really liked a lot of the items they had too. Registering at Macy's means I'm working on convincing Iggy to delete our Target registry. Oh I hope, and keeping my fingers crossed, that we get to.

The best part about Macy's? I've seen this deal offered 2 times since we have registered!
I think that's a great deal. Not only for those buying off of our registry, but for the other wedding I have to go to for this year! :)Pin It Now!