July 31, 2012

And this is where I do my blogging.

I have so many ideas going around on what I should post next and I seriously have numerous drafts of different projects and recipes that are saved and waiting on me to finish them. For now, I've decided to show you a glimpse into my Monday-Friday life. I work at a large financial institution dealing with customers from 830-5 daily. It gets stressful, it's hardly rewarding, and I always find myself wishing that I had a different job. I shouldn't complain because it's a job and a darn good job but I will always want something different. At first I thought how crazy I must be about sharing this part of my life with you but this is where I blog the majority of the time. Sure, at home I edit some photos and work on different projects, but for the most part it is all done here at work. I edit my blog layout, reply to comments, and so on all while at work. Since this is a huge part of my day, I figured it would be fun to share. Plus, I got some of the strangest looks while taking photos of my desk and I always appreciate strange looks from those that I work with. Please forgive the mess and clutter though. It is a desk after all.

I told you to not mind the mess. At least at work I have a large monitor to work on. It's not quite as big as at home and it's not a Mac, but I make do with it.

And here are my drinks. I always write on the free styrofoam cups that we are given at work. I doodle on everything and my cups are no different.

I keep a small collection of things pinned on my wall as well. Here you will find the save the date from our wedding last year, two crafts that Logan made at the library this summer, my team bride button from the rehearsal dinner and a pipe cleaner shooting star I made for work (I have no idea why now).

I love this little sticker. We got in when we spent a weekend in Cleveland for the filming of The Avengers. I have kept it at work ever since. Plus, there's Thor. I love Thor.

I always have a large stack of assorted post-it notes as well. I use them all of the time. You can see from the first picture that I stick them all over my desk. On any and everything. Plus, who doesn't love that Paper Tweet paper my husband got me at the bookstore. I love it.

Next you'll see my Disney Vinylmations collection. I started collecting them this year after deciding to visit Disney World. I had no other logical place to put them than here at work.

I already said that I loved Thor, right. Yes, I did.

I keep this photo of Logan at my desk. I've had it in a frame since this picture was taken. He was so little here, only six months old. Oh how I miss him being a baby.

Here's a close up of this snail. I don't know if it's a snail or not. I thought he was a turtle when I bought him and he's not a turtle. I got him in Mexico this year. He keeps me company during the day.

And there is my computer screen. I love my background of wedding photos. I hardly see it though because I usually have a million windows opened for work things. And yes, I was working on this post as I took a photo of it.

I love ink pens almost as much as I love Thor. I keep a huge collection at my desk.

I have a fancy phone that I don't use. Well, I'm lying. I used it once to call my doctors. That's it. I need it to be removed. And I keep a notebook of notes everywhere I go. And do you see that on the calendar? I have a photoshop class tonight at the library.

And this is a huge mess of photos that I keep up all of the time. Some are pretty old dating back to Logan's second birthday. Almost three years ago now. Oh wow. I also have another calendar there of personal/family things going on. July was a busy month.

And my favorite thing on that little wall is this note from the husband. He was so formal and signed his name. It was in my purse a few years ago and I found it when I got to work. I've kept it clipped up here ever since. He can be pretty sweet.

And there it is, my desk at work. I have 3 calendars and 3 things of Thor. It's a little crazy and cluttered but I need these things to get through the day. Ha.
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  1. These photos are too cute! I love the love note :D

    ♥ Naomi {Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups}

    1. Thank you! I showed it to the husband and he seemed shocked I've kept it so long!