January 24, 2012

Our step by step planning to Disney!

I have found numerous sites that offer tips and advice to first time Disney vacations and haven't really found one that laid it out as plain and simplie as http://www.mousesavers.com/ did. I used their instructions found HERE to guide me with the first part of the planning.

Here is our outline of our trip so far. There's still a lot of details to work out in the plan!
  1. When you're going. We have decided on May or June 2012. We have not yet picked a date because we need to know when Logan and Iggy's last day of school is. As well as what days work for me and my vacation at work. I have narrowed it down to a date range in May and June. Those dates are May 1st-24th or 30th-31st or June 1st-10th or June 16th-21st. We also need to compare the dates with dates suggested to go to Disney based on crowds and weather.
  2. What you're going to do when you get there. I know the park I want to see is Magic Kingdom. It is just what I think of when I think of Disney. Iggy really wants to go to Animal Kingdom. I think two parks in one day is probably possible. I've been thinking about two days at Disney possibly so we will see if that works out or not. I hope to eat lunch and dinner in the park as well as one or two snacks. That's a lot of food in one day but we will also be so active that day that we will work up an appetite. I have to get Mickey ears and the all you can fill Mr. Potato Head box for souviners in WDW. And see the parade. There is a great option to make a custom map of what you want to see in Disney that they will actually mail to you. I hope to get that started today because it takes 3 weeks to recieve it.
  3. How long your'e staying. We are staying at our hotel (located in Downtown Disney) for 4 days/3 nights. But how many of those 4 days we are actually visiting Disney World so far is just one. I have read about people doing all four parks in one day but I want to be able to take in the magic of WDW and I dont think running from park to park that I would be able to do that. Again, I am going to try and convince the husband that two days are better than one, but we will see what he thinks.
  4. How you're getting there. Thankfully I was able to decide this yesterday and even confirm it with the husband. We are renting a car and driving. To save towards this we are going to start buying gas cards for big name gas stations like BP or Shell to use on the trip. We plan to buy a $25 gas card each paycheck he gets to save towards this and make the gas less out of pocket up front. We are going to try and rent a Prius though because the economy car offered would be too small for the three of us cramped together for so long.
  5. What kind of theme park tickets to buy. This one is sort of easy to decide upon. We do not need tickets to the two water parks. But if we go just one day then I want to get the park hopper tickets so we can see both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom in one day. If we decide on going for two days then it will be just a regular ticket each day to spend the entire day at one park at a time. I did find out that our hotel has the Extra Magic Hours that allows you either early entrance to a specific park by an hour or extends the closing time of a park by three hours. It's park specific daily so this may change our plans slightly.
  6. Where you'll be staying. I am most excited about finding out exactly which hotel we will be staying at. It is the Hilton Orlando Lake Buena Vista located in the Walt Disney Resort in Downtown Disney! Our park offers free parking in WDW and free shuttle service to Disney! There is a Sunday breakfast with characters as well! I can't wait to find out who is going to be at breakfast! I'm even more glad we are leaving on a Friday to get to enjoy this perk on the Sunday we are there!
Needless to say, I'm very thankful for this planning tip for first time Disney visitors. As you can tell, there are still a lot of details to be worked out. I want to have a Disney planning day with my bff to go over her details as well. Unfortunately we will not be vacationing as a family to Disney World but she is going with her family is March and another great friend is going in February. I hope to get some tips from them when they return as well!Pin It Now!

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