January 23, 2012

This Disney post turned more into a Muppets post.

Lately I have been obsessing over all things Disney. I know this is because we are going to Disney World this year but I mean it's getting bad. I read Disney blogs daily (more than once a day even), I read about the rides, and browse the Disney store website. Last night I was lucky enough to be at Kenwood Towne Center and stop in at the Disney store. We spent over 30 minutes there but we still walked out without purchasing anything. And a few weeks ago I went to the Disney Store Outlet. I want to buy everything that I see! Haha.

I have decided that the ten days counting down till we leave I want to surprise Logan with a small Disney gift, just something small that he can use while we are there or on the ride (hopefully flight) to Florida. These are some items I have thought about getting for him.

I love these Vinylmations Muppets for Logan. He's obsessed with the Muppets more than I have ever been and he can collect all of these. The greatest part is when you get one, you don't know which one you have until you open the box. And if you already have that one, you can just swap it out for a different one! There are a lot other cute series of these out too.

He  needs a shirt to wear while there and this one just seems perfect! He thinks Gonzo is really cool. I'm still not sure which Muppet is his favorite though.

Then there's stuffed animals. I hated them growing up and for some reason they are Logan's favorite toys to play with. He has a huge collection of what he calls his "cuddlies". Some of them he actually won't go to sleep without having in bed with him. A new Fozzie cuddlie would be perfect for sleeping in Florida and preparing for Disney!

And this one is just for me. I need a new bag for when we are there. Something big enough to hold souviners when we buy them and to carry some snacks around for when we get hungry and aren't ready to stop for an official snack in the park. Plus, isn't this Kermit bag adorable?

As you can tell, I'm so excited about Disney. I plan on figuring out a schedule for when we are actually in the park and what attractions I don't want to miss that are a must! And where else is a better place to track the Disney planning than my blog? Haha.Pin It Now!

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