January 18, 2012

18 days into 2012.

I am happy to say that I'm glad this year has been going pretty slow so far. It usually feels like time moves way too fast and I hate that feeling. I look back at 2011 and realize that the year flew by. I did so much yet not enough. I went out of the country twice, got married, and that is about it! I can't believe it. I hope this year goes a little slower and I have time actually do things and enjoy them.

I know that the Mayan's were probably wrong, right? The world won't end this year. It just can't. But let's be honest, I've been terribly afraid of it as we have gotten closer and closer to this year. And then after seeing 2012 in theaters, that scared me even more! I just keep thinking it won't happen. But it could end at any moment without warning and I (not just because of the whole world ending 2012 mess) want to make sure I make the most of this year and those to come!

We have some plans for this year already. February 24th we fly out of CVG and are having a (hopefully wonderful) vacation in Mexico. Last year we went to Mexico for the first time and it was amazing. One of the best experiences I have ever had! We went whale watching, played in the water, and even got massages right on the beach. This year should be just as great. We are also going to Disney World! Yay. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am about this. So much to do to prepare! I need to make Logan's character autograph book, make a countdown of some kind, and make a plan for when we are there! I hope to spend one day at Universal and then one day at something else. It's going to be a nice (but only 3 nights) trip. I'm sure we will all be worn out when we return! I also want to go on another cruise this year but this time with my bestie and her husband. A nice kid free vacation for some old married people. Haha. I'm a little worried though with the recent accident a cruise liner had last week. I don't want to be on a cruise ship that wrecks and lands on its side.

Our little family has even more exciting news regarding this year. Logan will be starting kindergarten in August. I can't believe he will be five this year and so grown up! I told him the other day that I was sad he was getting so big. His reply? "Wait till I'm five, then I'll be even bigger." Why do kids want to grow up so fast? It's like he wasn't even a baby for long. Off of his bottle right when he turned one. Potty trained before he his second birthday. And speaking in full sentennces before then as well! He makes me want to have baby number two. It's an idea I've thought about again and again. I've made pros and cons lists too many times to count. My IUD has to be removed and replaced by November of this year. I have some time to think about it again before I replace it with another 5 year IUD. Iggy says he's ok with a new baby. But is he? I have no idea!

Iggy started back to college two weeks ago. I'm so excited for him and he's loving it so far. I just hope he feels this way for the next six years or so about it! He isn't always the happiest about working in the office one or two days a week as he has been doing. But he's just filing papers. Maybe that will change as he starts doing more human resource work. He liked his HR class he did last semester but you can just tell he's doesnt seem as happy as he is with working in the store. Whatever he decides to do and ends up doing, I hope it just makes him and keeps him happy! We don't need two people in our house unhappy with their jobs!Pin It Now!

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