January 4, 2012

Apparently I'm terrible at keeping up on my blog.

It's official, I'm the worst blogger in the world since I have not posted since November. Since then, I've gotten married, went on the honeymoon, had a total of 3 Christmas celebrations (1 more to go), and celebrated New Years!

Let's catch up quickly.

The wedding was amazing. I had so much fun. Even with the awful stress that started the Tuesday before the wedding and didn't end until the photographer showed up at the house on the day of!
We spend some time in the morning running around like crazy finishing up last minute details. Three of the four girls got our hair done together. Then two of the four girls got ready together. Three of the four boys came over to get ready. We took some photos. And headed off to the wedding in the limo (one of my favorite parts of the night was the limo ride).
After the reception, we spent some time with the maid of honor and one of the groomsmen. Then Iggy and I stayed up way too late talking about the wedding. We woke up bright and early and headed off for our honeymoon! Yay for long drives to Florida for our cruise to the Bahamas!

Our tire blew out on the way, we almost got stuck spending the night at a creepy Motel 6 or 8 or something equally gross looking. We met some nice kids who were working at a tire store to put a new tire on the car and we were on our way again.

The cruise food was delicious, the shows were great and the comedy clubs on the cruise were hilarious! Freeport was nice (the beach was kind of small) and Nassau was ridiculously amazing! We took too many naps, had a ton of sushi, and just had a fantastic time!

Then there was Christmas. Logan said that Santa knew everything that he wanted and even some things Logan had forgot to ask Santa for. It was a great time to watch him open his gifts and love everything (besides the pajamas) that Santa brought him! Christmas with my dad and sister was fine. Nothing eventful but nothing terrible either. Christmas with Iggy's family was great as well. I have some fantastic socks that I'm still obsessed over!

Im frustrated with this photo because it refuses to rotate.
 New years came and went very quickly. Our little family rang in the new year with my old roomie Patty and Matt (who works with Iggy). They are dating, or kind of, or not. I really don't know and I'm not sure if they do just yet. We had food, watched the NYE countdown, and Logan threw some confetti.

And I rang in the new year on my own by chopping off my hair. My last official hair cut was before going to Mexico in Februray. I decided to go short again with lots of choppy layers. I'm much happier with it now since before I was only able to wear it up and that just looked like a mess.

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