January 4, 2012

Why not have a resolution? Or several!

I always say I don't have a new years resolution, but I always secretly do. I fear telling anyone because I will end up failing as I do year after year. I decided this year that this year I will make several resolutions so I have a couple of things to work on throughout the year. Let's hope I can keep up with at least one of them!

My Resolutions.
  1. Be healthier. This isn't just the lose a number of pounds this year. It's all around healthier me. Yes, I want to work on losing weight (trying out a gym next week) but I also want to eat healthier and become healthier mentally. I want to learn to manage my stree, anxiety and depression better and without medication.
  2. Take more photos of Logan. And more family photos. When I look over the last year or two, I notice that I have taken a significantly less amount of pictures of Logan than I did in his first few years of life. I don't want to ever forget how amazing he is at this age and I want to capture it as much as I can. I hope to take a photo daily of him so I can look back and remember just how stinking cute he was when he was four!
  3. Stop ripping out my hair. It's crazy sounding, but I suffer from trichotillomania where I pull hair out my head. I don't notice that I am even doing it sometimes until I end up with a pile of hair in front of me. Iggy will bring it to my attention that I'm doing it and have me stop. Sometimes it's just not that easy though. I once tried an online support group for it and that didn't help since I didn't put any effort to stopping. This year I hope to get closer to quitting even though it's so hard. I need to since I noticed  some spots on my head were thinning. Not something I'm proud of and if I don't stop, it's only going to get worse.
  4. Floss more. This kind of goes hand in hand wit h the be healthier since there are some crazy scary things that can happen from poor dental hygiene but this is specifically about flossing! My teeth in in fine condition and my breath doesn't stink but I should be better at flossing. I also want to make sure Logan flosses more so I'll throw that one in there for him. Haha.
  5. And last I want to always have painted nails. I swore up and down as soon as I started wearing my wedding band that I would always have my nails done. And since I've been married, they have been painted twice and that is it. I need to keep them painted because my natural nails are just ugly, they break easier when they are not painted and my ring looks prettier when they are painted.
  6. Coupon more! I'm not talking like I use to coupon and stockpile 30 something boxes of jello that were given away/sold at a yard sale. I am very thankful for what I did manage to stockpile in regards to shampoo and so on because that saved us money for the past couple of years. But I want to just coupon enough to save money on the things we need. I don't want to use a certain kind of shampoo just because it was free!
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