January 23, 2012

Driving vs Flying.

This budget is a work in progress and tonight I plan on spending some time with the husband to figure out some more ideas on what we want to spend. Right now I'm trying to decide if driving or flying is a better option. Mainly because of the tire problems we had when we went down the first time and how awful it was!

Things to consider for driving vs flying:
Driving it is estimated that it will 1796 miles round trip. We will not be taking Iggy's car no matter what so we need to factor in a rental car, gas, and hotel for the first night of driving.
  • Rental car $132 for the week
  • Round trip gas $244 approximately
  • Hotel in Georgia $100 approximately
  • Need to include food for on the way there and back approximately $100
Total for driving: $576

Flying would be my preferred option since we do not have to get a hotel room halfway through the first drive, no risk of flat tires in the middle of no where, plus it's much quicker than a forever long drive.
  • Round trip flight that will get us in Florida early afternoon and leaving in the evening is $270 per person
  • Rental car for 4 days we are there $120 (includes pick up and drop off at airport)
  • Need to include some gas for the driving we would do approximately $100
Total for flying: $1010

Obviously, driving looks way better at this point. And thats including the rental car. I think we know which one we are going to chose.
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