November 21, 2011

This weekend was so fun I'm still exhausted.

The title of this blog is not a joke. I have been at work for almost four hours and I still feel asleep. I have had two cups of ice water and half of a five hour energy drink, see:

And I'm still worn out. I got hardly no sleep Friday night at all, I fell asleep after 4 AM and woke up right before 8 AM! I napped on and off Saturday afternoon and went to bed around 2 AM Saturday night. Got up at 11 AM on Sunday, napped for about 3 hours, and went to bed last night around 2:30 AM and woke up at 7:15 AM this morning!

It was worth it though! I had more fun than I could have ever imagined! I have some fantastic ladies in my life and am so happy to have them around me! I got of work early Friday and met my bff/MOH Kelli to head to the mall at 11 on Friday morning. We shopped around for things she needed for my party that night. We went to Kroger and picked up some food and ate some amazing samples throughout the store. I had two spicy tuna rolls, chocolate chip cheeseball that I dipped gingerbread pita chips in (OMG amazing)

and some not so great cranberry something or another, I'm not a fan of cranberries so I had low expectations even trying it. And then last we had this cheese dip. It had red onions and other delicious ingredients in it. It was so good I bought it and took it to the bachelorette party. There is none left today since I consumed the last of it yesterday afternoon for lunch. Yum.

So now! My bachelorette party! Fun! When we got to the hotel, I showered while Kelli and Cassie were decorating the room. I came out to find a Wonder Woman super hero themed party, complete with capes and all! I was so surprised and excited over the theme, it couldn't have been more perfect for me!

This was the outfit I wore. I had to wear a white dress since I am the bride to be. Cassie made me my Wonder Woman headband, cape and cuffs. Honestly, I was hesitant about wearing it out because I thought I looked a bit crazy. Turns out that people love capes. Haha.

Our room number was 528 which is my birthday. We found it appropriate to take a photo of it.
Here are all of the wonderful women who came out to the party and the panties that represent them. I had to guess based off of the underware who brought them. I missed one but other than that, I did a great job! I am so happy to have so many new pairs of underware to wear for the honeymoon! Thank you all!

Yes, we all wore our capes. I love mine so much!

A group shot! Then the camera kept taking photos. The rest are hilarious! Haha.
My favorite photo of the night! While we were walking the bar, we were getting honked at and had to cross some pretty busy streets! Turns out, I can walk in heels.
This is after I may have had one too many drinks. I went on stage to ask the band to help me find a man in the bar with the same name as Iggy. Of course, a nice man lied so I could try and win the scavengar hunt challenge!

That it is for my photos of the party because the rest are a bit too much to show. I was lucky for Cassie to take so many pictures for me! Thank you again! We all had so much fun. And after we left the bar, we got a cab right back to the room (thank you to the nice cab driver to take us back for less than what we should have paid you). In the room we ate lots of food, but I dont remember that at all. And then Cassie fell asleep and Kelli and I laid in bed talking until she left super late in the night.

Cassie and I woke up bright and early, got our things together, I showered, and we straightened up the room and headed to breakfast. We had eggs, waffle, bagel, and juice. After that Iggy and Logan picked me up and we headed to Waffle House for Logan to have breakfast. I seriously had so much fun. I can't believe it was that great of a night!

Iggy's bachelor party was Saturday. Matt came over around 215 and Josh, Travis, and Adam showed up around 3. They left to go indoor go kart racing, do a food challenge at Bards Burger

and then spent the evening at the casino with cigars, gambling, and some drinks. He got home after 2 AM and we fell right asleep after he showered the cigar smell off of him! That was the only photo from the guys night out because Josh was the only one to take this single photo.

It was great and am so thankful that we both have so many people to have been able to share the night with!Pin It Now!

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  1. I forgot how much fun your bachelorette party was! I love these pictures and can't wait to have another girls night!