August 6, 2012

Thank you Pinterest.

I feel so lucky to have Pinterest around to help with new recipe and craft ideas but there is so much more than that out on Pinterest. I have used it for some cleaning suggestions, educational games for Logan, and even more. Here are two simple and very useful ideas I found from Pinterest. I never pinned the ideas though, I just saw them and figured I could throw them together. Simple enough.

I bake a lot. I mean, I probably make cupcakes three times a month at least. So I really have more than what is needed when it comes to cupcake liners. Usually they are just thrown in a drawer and get crumbled up so I can not use them and just toss them out. We have a set of these glass containers that we got from our wedding shower. This large one has been empty because I don't have that much flour or sugar. Instead of being empty, it is now filled with cupcake liners. It is so much easier when needing to pick some up to just glance over instead of dig through a drawer. Plus, it's stinking cute.

And how I didn't think to do this earlier is beyond me. Really, a mason jar and ticket stubs. I put all ticket stubs that we had lying around in yet another junk drawer inside the mason jar. Cute. Functional. I love it. I lost the lid though but I'm looking for it. I'm sure it's hidden in some junk drawer too. Ha. But I have it now sitting on our dresser along with a mason jar full of seashells from our trip to Cocoa Beach. 

Maybe my next organizing post will show you my junk drawer. Don't laugh, I have two. That's not terrible though because apparently some people have more than that. So I guess that's my goal. One day this week I'll tackle the junk drawer. I first have to figure out how to organize all of the junk. Eek.
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