August 8, 2012

I never thought I would own stamps.

Now this isn't the kind of stamps you are thinking. I did not start collecting stamps. I use to collect coins but never stamps.

I needed to get a card for the besties birthday and I was already at the store so I just picked up a couple of supplies that I needed: cards, a stamp, and a stamp pad.

Then I used supplies I already had at home: craft glue, paint chips, yarn and scissors. And yes, I usually do use my 4 year olds scissors.

Using the stamp and the stamp pad, make the stamp. Easy enough.

Glue the yarn to the inside.

And then just cut the paint chips into triangles to make an adorable bunting banner for the inside.

Just don't write inside of it with permanent markers because it will bleed through and you have to blur it out so the world doesn't read the card you made. Yeah, because the world is following my blog.Pin It Now!

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