August 27, 2012

How do I organize my blog?

I like to pretend that I am very organized. I love making lists and crossing things off of lists. I use post it notes for everything that I can. And somehow when it comes to the blog, I've gotten a little disorganized. Well, a lot disorganized. I've been working on a way to keep me organized and making sure that I'm consistently posting quality diy's, recipes, or something else. It has taken a lot of planning but I finally have figured out a system that works, for now at least. I'm sure in the future I will fugure something out that will work better, but for now this is it and it is working.

I make a huge list of all upcoming posts to the blog and then organize them on this list of different subjects. As I think of more ideas it is very easy to just add additional post it notes.

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