August 7, 2012

Oh spray paint. How I love thee.

I am not the type to decorate and accessorize our house. Growing up, my parents had so much clutter and junk around that I just couldn't stand it. If I had photos of it, I would show you just so you know how cluttered it was. I can't even describe how much stuff there was. Photos on the wall, knickknacks, decorative plates, porcelain dolls, and everything else that they could fit in our home. I vowed that I would never ever, I mean never in a million years, decorate like them. So far I have stuck to my word. Thankfully, the husband is the same.

That was until recently. Now I'm not putting decorative plates up along the walls but I am putting a few things out here and there. And when I say a few, I really do mean a few. Three to be exact. I've been picking up some items as I go to Goodwill and then spray painting them. It's addictive. I'm addicted to spray paint. Not like the huffing of spray paint, but watch out, I have a can of spray paint and I'm painting something kind of addicted. It's awful. Really. But I have been practicing. See.

I have plans for these three, big plans. I am just not ready to put them in their permeant home but soon. I love them. They aren't too much clutter and their colors look so nice in our living room.

I wonder what I will paint next?Pin It Now!

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