May 26, 2011

What a wonderful night!

This evening after work was spent with Kelli and Josh (the maid of honor and best man). We went to a "Cocktails and Questions" or something like that even at Receptions in Eastgate. It was actually fun. I was worried it would be super lame, but we ended up having fun!

And what did we do?

  • We got to eat some cheese and fruit! 
  • Had a signature cocktail (it was more like a screwdriver that they tried to spruce up). 
  • Ate some cupcakes and cakepops (oh I wish I had photos of those to show you how tasty)! But it was done by our specific cake baker and I'm glad Kelli and Josh loved her cakes!
  • Met a very expensive/aggressive photographer.
  • Saw some cute paper products that I wanted to share with fellow bride Melanie (some I might try to DIY for my own wedding)
  • Played in a photobooth
  • Listened to a dj I didn't care much for (ours will be much better)!
  • Fell in love with some jewelery from Stella & Dot
  • And am considering seriously having an Over the Wine Party. Oh, it seems really fun! And who would be interested in joining?! Someone please say yes so we can do this! 

It turned out to really be great! I know it sounds like a waste of time to those of you not interested in wedding planning, but it was a nice time out with the maid of honor and best man! Unfortunately, we didn't win any prizes though! I had hoped at least one of us would win something, but thats ok! We got some great pictures from the night though! 

And to finish the night off, Iggy, Josh, Travis, and Matt are all seeing The Hangover 2 right now. I hope they are laughing their butts off because I'm dying to see it. :) Plus this weekend has to be great, I have a 4 day weekend and am spending tomorrow with the bff (CAN NOT WAIT)!  And then have my birthday Saturday night! Woohoo! For those of you who actually read this and will be at the birthday event, I'm wearing a summer dress. Please feel free to dress in a summery dress and be prepared for my pirate party! Oh yay!

*Edit to this post*

Josh is called the best man as his title in the wedding. At the Receptions event tonight, he held up that title and did a great job at it. But...not now. Some best man. :( Wouldn't take a photo of the guys at the movies so I could blog about it (not like he even knew I would have or that I even have this blog)! So why didn't he take the picture? Because he is the anti-bestman. Yep. He is. What a sad night it has turned in to. 

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  1. I'm now stalking Paper Acorn and wanting everything. Thanks for the shout-out and for fueling my detail-oriented craziness. :)

    I will be in my summer best for Saturday.

  2. As soon as I saw her products, I thought of you! It really is amazing!

    Can't wait to see you tomorrow!