May 4, 2011

Its been so long since my last post!

I guess the reason for that is because we haven't done too much planning. We have paid off the Dj, church and minister, flowers, all bridesmaids gifts, parts of the groomsmen gifts, part of iggys wedding day present, almost half way done on the reception hall! And sending in two final vendors tomorrow and making another large payment on the reception hall!

We did decide on a few more detailed items! Songs that will be played at the ceremony, a couple of important and special ceremony things to be done, and a but 1 important song for the reception! I've helped address the bridal shower invites for fmil since she said her handwriting is awful! Lol.

And completely finished our registry. Oh thank god. I've done my best to not registry snoop, but it got the best of me and I did. I know most brides do, so it's ok for now. I promise to stop snooping at the end of this month. As hard as that may be, I will quit. Oh gosh! Help me!

I think that's all we have done so far. At least I can think of for now. Ahhhhh!

I know we have tons more to do! I need to work on programs

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  1. I try not to registry snoop, either. At least not yet. I will more in the summer to make sure things aren't being discontinued and making sure that we're set with what we picked. Anything worth snooping on your registry?