May 13, 2011

<3ing my bridesmaids!

Tonight was so wonderful! Andrea, Kelli, and I went to see bridesmaids! First of all, it was a wonderful movie! I laughed very hard at some parts and it was sweet in the end. Parts of it reminded me of the fights that my sister and I have had. It's really worth seeing, even more if you're getting married this soon!

While at the movies, Iggy was the babysitter for the 3 boys! Apparently, they all had fun and enjoyed some guy time!

Now the wedding movie has me in full planning mode! Paying off flowers tonight! Hoping they will be shipped soon and will be able to start making some bouquets! I worked on updating guests lists and budgets and other items at work and felt like I had gotten a great start towards the planning for tonight! Sure hope iggy is in the mood!

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