May 10, 2011

Blogging outside of work in wonderful weather!

So I could have stayed at my desk and updated some addresses on the guest list or sent some emails to a couple of vendors to confirm some payments, but I'd rather blog and spend the time alone outside. So if you work with me and see me sitting on the steps at the entrance, this is what I am doing.

See, that's me, outside of work.

I am going to start emailing the Dj tonight on our must play and do not play list! And start to finalize the songs we want played during dinner. I am so excited about our music choices so far. The songs we have selected are truly showing who we are and we are not doing anything that is ordinary.

And this Friday I will be seeing Bridesmaids in theaters with my maid of honor Kelli and one of the bridesmaids Andrea! I am so looking forward to that night!

Now if only I could make a list of wedding things that needed to be completed and give it to iggy to handle!

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