November 4, 2011

New. And updated. To do list.

Here's what I think is left to do. And with only 28 days and counting, I'd better hurry. Eek!

  1. Assemble bouquets- 2 left to do
  2. Assemble boutonnieres- 6 to make (I think)
  3. Order garters and DIY both the keep and toss
  4. Iggy's present (1.5 completed)
  5. Betty's gift (getting 11/05)
  6. Figure out gift for Phil and Brian
  7. Ring bearer book. Buy and DIY.
  8. Buy disposable cameras-need 11
  9. Make scavenger hunt paper
  10. Photo booth sign
  11. Sign for "guest book" at church
  12. Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, reception
  13. DIY place cards & buy rest to finish them
  14. Seating chart
  15. Play/do not play song for reception
  16. Phone call with DJ
  17. Church decorations- drip less candles, finish DIY pew decorations, pew hooks, rose for moms seat, memorial candles (2), Kelli's part of "guest book", items for "guest book"
  18. DIY ceremony programs
  19. Centerpieces
  20. Make toss bouquet
  21. Finish getting photo booth accessories
  22. Book hotel for night before cruise
  23. Pack for honeymoon
  24. Groomsmen shoes
  25. Iggy's shoes
  26. Logan's shoes
  27. Andrea's bridesmaid dress
  28. Tux for Chris and Dad
  29. Pay photographer
  30. Bachelorette party- November 18th
  31. Bachelor party-November 19th
  32. Email Josh guest list for bachelor party
  33. Suitcase for photo booth accessories
  34. Bonnie's earrings & maybe necklace
  35. Wrap wedding party gifts
  36. Wedding day survival kits- 9
  37. Buy extra treats for chocolate fountain
  38. Marriage license
  39. Dress back from Abby
  40. Finish bridal shower notes and mail
  41. Book wedding night hotel
  42. Make thank you cards bachelorette party
  43. Rehearsal dinner slide show
  44. Rehearsal dinner wine/champagne
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