July 6, 2011

Let's start setting goals to be accomplished for the month of July!

Besides concerts, family sleepovers, dinner parties, bridal showers and so on...we need to make a list of things I want to accomplish this month. Lets go:

  1. Finalize do play/do not play list for dj & email to him------>find a date to meet with him afterwards to discuss details!
  2. Find a time good for Reverend to meet with us to go over some of my ideas and his ideas to create a perfectly fit ceremony. This may not actually be meeting until August (I'm ok with that) but at least it's getting a time scheduled.
  3. Finish guest list for Cassie fro bachelorette party and get the list emailed to her.
  4. Delegate tasks (food, decorations, music, games, drinks) to the bridal party and Betty for the bridal shower.
  5. Get serious about Iggy's groom's shower: Invites-done. Guest list-done. Food-decided upon, not assigned. Registered for men gifts-done.  Figure out some more details-not done. Not sure where to start on that.
  6. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Something needs to be getting started on this.
  7. Day of timeline for wedding day. We have plenty of time until then, but a rough draft is a great start.
25 days left in this month with 7 tasks. I need to work on one task about every 3 days. As they get completed, I will update the progress. I hope it works out fine. Eeek!

On a side note, I love how another bride is doing their blog with the wedding budget info on it. Would she care to share some of that info? I think I'd like to include it. It's nice to see kind of what we're spending on what. i'm sure others want to know to. This will save them having to beat around the bush for that info!


Now, my new favorite wedding obsession for the day:

I love this necklace! Ahhh.

I've been far too obsessed with Etsy for this wedding. I don't know how this is wedding related. But I want our names on the heart. our wedding date on the circle. :) Love it. See more ideas for it here: Hand Stamped JewelryPin It Now!

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  1. I will update tonight around 9PM and throw most of my Excel line-items in there. Anything in particular you're wanting to know?