July 5, 2011

Is this enough to even be considered an update?

I figured it's time to post something even though I feel like I have nothing to post.

Two things we have decided on:
1. No morning after brunch. Not that it was given any real consideration. It's mainly for destination weddings or weddings with a lot of out of town guests (at least thats what I got out of it) so it's not something that would be suited for us to have.
2. Honeymoon will be a road trip that we will drive on December 3rd for awhile and stay somewhere & then wake up Sunday December 4th to finish the drive. Our total drive will be 10-15 hours away from home. This is something I'm very excited about because road tripping with Iggy is my favorite thing to do. I just don't know where yet. I have shot down all of his ideas so far. Maybe I will help plan this. I have been stuck in a wedding planning funk lately and can't seem to get motivated.

I did get to spend some time with bridesmaid Cassie on Monday. We went over some details. I have a deadline to get a guest list to her for the bachelorette party. We have figured out the games for the bridal shower (I know I'm not supposed to help plan it, but I have to have control over as much as I can or I don't know how I would feel about it). I am certain we discussed more but I did not take notes and she did. I do remember that she wasnt aware of the wedding blog.

Other than that, this summer has been pretty wedding planning free. I know I did all of the big stuff earlier this year which has really left me with just details and small things left to plan. I'm not interested in that. At all right now.We have a lot of plans coming up though! We have already seen Weird Al in concert in June. Then we are seeing 311 & Sublime and taking back Sunday & Thursday this month. And in august we both have the week before Iggy's birthday off and are trying to make plans to spend several days somewhere. And then we have Blink and My chemical romance to see in concert and Journey.

I feel like with all of that going on in the next month or so that it's ok If I take sometime off from planning, right?

And last, I want this. Well, to make something similar to this. I love it. And I need your donation of brooches to contribute.

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