July 22, 2011

It's time to get serious!

I still have my list of to do items. I'm not feeling great about it. Only nine more days for the month are remaining and I dont think I've done anything. I have added items mentally to the list. But I will keep those for my August to do list!

Here's the list to remind you and myself!

    1. Finalize do play/do not play list for dj & email to him------>find a date to meet with him afterwards to discuss details!
    2. Find a time good for Reverend to meet with us to go over some of my ideas and his ideas to create a perfectly fit ceremony. This may not actually be meeting until August (I'm ok with that) but at least it's getting a time scheduled. Setting this date asap!
    3. Finish guest list for Cassie for bachelorette party and get the list emailed to her. -----> To do tonight!
    4. Delegate tasks (food, decorations, music, games, drinks) to the bridal party and Betty for the bridal shower (and yes, I'm a control freak and need to make sure everything is done how I'd like it to be).
    5. Get serious about Iggy's groom's shower: Invites. Guest list. Decide on food. Assign food. Register for men gifts. Figure out some more details.
    6. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Someone needs to be getting started on this.
    7. Rough draft of day of timeline for wedding day. We have plenty of time until then, but a rough draft is a great start.
    8. Decide who will be doing a reading during the ceremony (reading has already been decided upon).
Im working on my full to do list. It's too long to list here. I'll keep updating small tasks as completed! Even some soon to do DIY projects that I'm working on! :)
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