July 10, 2011

After a long and busy weekend!

As I had mentioned before, I had a very long weekend! I worked on Friday until 7pm and Saturday until 8pm at the Kentucky Speedway as a promotional girl for the Ultimate Tailgating Vehicle giveaway. I was hot and sweaty and my feet were worn out from standing so long and walking around too much. It was a nice and easy way though for some cash to be put towards the wedding! Yay. I should add that as an extra to the list each month to accomplish: Make extra money by any way possible to go towards the wedding. In August I think a yard sale would be great and appropriate to clear out junk and make more money to stash away! 

I did get one and a half diaper wreaths finished (out of 3 total) that need to be done asap! But again, extra wedding money! Logan and Iggy got to see Cars 2. And I have a sun burnt face. That's about all that got accomplished. 

As soon as I post this, I will be emailing the Reverend and scheduling a time to meet. I will mark it off of the list then since it will be finished in a few minutes. Well, to keep me accountable, I will stop blogging and email him now. Ok. It is finished. One items is done. Just waiting on his reply back! :) 

For Iggy's shower, I asked the groomsmen and best man to  come up with some ideas. Men are not helpful. 1 did not reply (thank you Travis), and both Josh and Matt said to just tell them what to do and they will do it. I'm not throwing this alone. I'm helping out because, as we can already tell, nothing would get finished if they had to do it alone. 

Kelli gave some great ideas for the bridal shower! I loved them all and can not wait. I just need to tell Betty about them too. I'm very excited about the shower. I think she should win the best maid of honor ever + best friend ever!

I also have decided who will do a reading at the wedding. My old roomie Patty. I miss her dearly and she doesn't live too far away but we haven't spent much time together at all. It's been since November 2009 since I have seen her. Now with her doing a reading, I will see her at the rehearsal and dinner also! Yay for that. I'm adding that one to the list so I have one other thing crossed off! 
  1. Finalize do play/do not play list for dj & email to him------>find a date to meet with him afterwards to discuss details!
  2. Find a time good for Reverend to meet with us to go over some of my ideas and his ideas to create a perfectly fit ceremony. This may not actually be meeting until August (I'm ok with that) but at least it's getting a time scheduled.
  3. Finish guest list for Cassie for bachelorette party and get the list emailed to her.
  4. Delegate tasks (food, decorations, music, games, drinks) to the bridal party and Betty for the bridal shower.
  5. Get serious about Iggy's groom's shower: Invites-done. Guest list-done. Food-decided upon, not assigned. Registered for men gifts-done.  Figure out some more details-not done. Not sure where to start on that.
  6. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Honeymoon. Something needs to be getting started on this.
  7. Day of timeline for wedding day. We have plenty of time until then, but a rough draft is a great start.
  8. Decide who will be doing a reading during the ceremony (reading has already been decided upon).
The list does not look too intimidating now. I will finish the guest list tonight for the bachelorette party and email that to Cassie tomorrow since I keep all of my spreadsheets and guest lists on my computer at work. The one other task to cross off. 

Tonight I will work on figuring out what tasks need to be done for the bridal shower and ask for the girls to pick what they are going to do. I hate that I'm not allowed to do it all though! I hate having other people do things for me! 

    One last thing I needed (wanted to do is more truthful) is post what theknot.com says I should be doing at this time. Another way for me to see how far behind I am. Here is what they have to say I need to do at the 4-5 month mark:

  • To-dos
  • Completed Items
  • All Items
  • Added by Me
  • Collapse
  • 4-5 MONTHS
  • 06/03/2011 - 08/02/2011'

More to come on those tasks at a later date.
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