March 31, 2011

One last post for the evening!

I did want to brag and say that I have one part of Iggy's gift purchased (still waiting on it to ship) and the other is almost finished! I can not wait to exchange gifts with him before the wedding. I want to see how surprised he is with his gifts and how happy he will be to marry me that evening.

I also have decided on the gift for Betty for the bridal shower. I hope she likes it. I have not purchased it yet, but I need to asap.

So many smaller things are coming together now also. The larger things are done, I think!

Large items checked off the list:
Church chosen and deposit made, contract received
Reception deposit made, second payment being made this weekend
Dress is in my closet
Flowers are finished, just waiting for them to be shipped
Super fun wedding day shoes
Rehearsal dinner location chosen and taken care of as a gift :) 
3 of the 5 bridesmaids gifts purchased
Invites to wedding/rsvp cards 
Thank you cards
Bridal shower invites 

There are more that needs done, I know. I just can not remember. I have a checklist I should find and start looking at it. I've kind of put off planning and details for awhile to just look for different ideas.

What else is there?! Hmmm.Pin It Now!

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