March 19, 2011

Very busy day.

Big weekend! We updated our registry at kohls.

And are debating on whether or not to delete the target registry completely. I have heard nothing but terrible things about their return policy on registry items. I just don't know.

Paid and signed the church contract! Love love love the wedding coordinator Sarah there. She's so helpful and very kind. We meet with Sean, our DJ, tomorrow to sign his contract and to pay his down payment. We are always spending money and I don't like it. :/

I did have fun picking out prizes for the bridal shower though! The ladies who win will be very lucky! See:

And, yes, I'm blogging from the car. Logan is asleep in the backseat

And Iggy is inside the store

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  1. Aww...Logan is out! So cute. I'm happy that Kohls is working out for you. Bras and I are happy with them and the packs of coupons are awesome. But why are you buying things for a shower?

  2. Oh I'm not paying for them! Just picking out the prizes for the games!