March 21, 2011

Giving up on a limousine!

So very frustrating to find a limo for the wedding party to ride to and from the ceremony and to and from the reception site. They are only a few miles away. I called one company today, L & L Limo services. The customer service lady was beyond rude. I asked about a special listed on the website and she mentioned that the website was shut down and no one could access it. I tried explaining that I was on it at that time and she did not believe me and was basically calling me a liar.

After I explained to her the special she said that they didn't control the specials that the person in control of the website was putting them on there and it was all done by some reception hall here in NKY with the wedding special and I had to contact them and she didin't know who to contact or what reception hall it was. This got very frustrating especially since it took my entire break to try and figure something out with this woman.

I decided to just be rude back at this point. I asked her if she expected me to search for who controls the website and what recpetion hall to contact about a wedding special limo rental and she said yes since they offer the specials. I was a little sarcastic and mentioned they also had a special listed for a new baby coming home special limo ride. I honestly asked her if I should call the reception hall to also schedule a ride for a baby coming home from the hospital and she actually said that I should. At this point I gave up and told her that it was not a pleasure speaking with her and that I would be emailing the contact listed on the webiste to provide feedback. She then, being very rude, hung up on me.
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