June 15, 2012

The Disney budget. What we actually spent.

Remember that post awhile ago where I was planning our Disney World budget? Well, I never followed through on making a budget. Oops, those things happen. Instead, we went to Disney World with no budget in hand and managed to not do so awful. I'm saying that now as I'm adding things up but when we were there I just kept thinking how it was more and more money we were spending!

Here's how it all breaks down for the Disney Trip!

  • $90-Hotel stay in Tifton, Georgia on the drive down. It was 2 AM and my husband was sleepy.
  • $149-4 days and 3 nights at the Downtown Disney Hilton Hotel. I wouldn't have changed that for anything in the world. We were honestly less than 5 minutes walking distance to all of the fun that Downtown Disney offered, free transportation to and from the parks, and were able to take advantage of the extra magic hours. We got this amazing deal on the hotel from an offer from Hilton for being Hilton Rewards members. We never would have gone to Disney World without this deal.
  • $20-random toiletries that I forgot to pack and a disposable camera for Logan to use while on vacation. Turned out to be on the of best purchases because he loved it.
  • $325-gas for driving to and from. We filled up 5 times and the gas was right around that price, give or take a few dollars. It ended up being fine to drive since Iggy had just purchased a new car a few weeks before going.
  • $366-Magic Your Way Park Hopper Tickets. They are expensive, yes. And that's only for 1 day. ONE DAY! Gosh.
  • $54-Valet parking. It was only about $5 more than self parking. It was vacation. We figured we should just do it.
  • $65-Dinner at T-Rex. It was such a cute restaurant with a meteor shower every 20 minutes and  animatronic dinosaurs.
  • $18-Logan had to stop at the Build A Bear/Build A Dino shop. He's obsessed with building his own animals. But his dinosaur is just adorable and well worth it.
  • $45-Snacks while in the park. We had probably too much to eat, but at Disney World, the food has no calories, 0 calories, none! We had a giant turkey leg, a Mickey Mouse ice cream, a giant Mickey shaped rice krispie treat covered in M&M's, an assortment of treats from Japan, and some soda.
  • $140-on souvenirs. That's amazing since I was worried about how much we would end up spending! That includes the souvenirs for all three of us. We ended up with a lot and for some reason, Logan was not interested in getting much at all so that helped with not spending so much more than we did.
  • $40-Dinner at Cosmic Rays. It was just a burgers place but the food we pretty good. And it was nice to get to rest our legs!
  • $18-Ice cream at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate Shop in Downtown Disney. Best. Sundae. Ever.
  • $5-parking at Coco Beach. Thankfully we had some change to keep putting in the parking meters.
  • $35-lunch at Boston Beef & Seafood. I have the best roast beef sandwich in my life. I want to make it a point to go back!

So total for our 4 day/3 night Disney World/Florida vacation was $1370. Of course that's not the exact amount since I didn't save the receipts to tally up our totals, but it's just about as accurate as it can be.
I'm pretty sure that's an affordable vacation considering the fun we had. We now know though to have more fun, we need to spend more time in the parks and not just one day. And yes, I've already started saving for our Disney World trip for the future! Pin It Now!

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