October 20, 2011

Stuck on centerpieces!

We have everything major decided for the wedding. I dont think that there is another decision that needs to be made. Things just need to be completed that we have already decided to do. Everything but our centerpieces thats is. Our venue has some restrictions with candles, they must be enclosed in a candle holder bigger than the candle. So basically no open flame. I have some cute blue tealights I want to use. And some white ones that I could use. They have decent handle holders and round mirrors to sit things on. They also provide a giant tall or medium sized vase I could fill with my own decoration. They have some plain boring white fake flowers that I will end up getting stuck with.

So now the search begins. My goal is to figure out what we are going to do. Here are some ideas I'm fond of. And no, I will not be using flowers in the centerpieces.

These are paper flowers from Martha Stewart that have ornaments as the center! Love it! Seems easy to do!

These might be too tall, but I love the natural look of the branches.
I love Ikea and I love these. I just dont know how I would use them.
This wouldn't fit in with any theme or color that we have, but I think they are gorgeous. Haha.

But I'm so torn between ideas! Ahhh!Pin It Now!


  1. What about spray painting some pine cones? If you like the look of them, work them into your color scheme. You could use the Ikea lanterns for your little candles and have the pine cones around them, or even throw the pine cones in larger glass vases and forget candles.

  2. What about spray painting the pine cones? If you like the look, make them fit into your color scheme. You could arrange some around the Ikea lanterns or pile them in larger glass vases and skip candles.