October 20, 2011

I wouldn't even be able to think of a title.

Lots of things going on in my mind right now. And I can't do anything about it besides post all of it here. So sorry for those of you reading it!

The first thing is that I need a haircut. I've been working and trying so hard to grow it out until the wedding but it's been stuck at that hideous in between stage that I can't get out of. I have been wearing it in low teeny tiny pony tails or pigtails every day. I wore it down at the shower and saw the photos from it. I hate it even more! I've gotten to the point where I think I have just given up. This is why I need a haircut.
Do you see how long it is? Time for a cut. ASAP. And this is how I want it cut:

Just short than that though. It is very similar to my regular haircuts that I usually get, its just a photo to reference!

I think we have decided on part of the gift for Betty! I hope she likes them because I love pearls!

I also bid at an estate auction for this wonderful brooch to put on my bouquet. I needed my something old and this will work. I'm wearing pearls for the wedding and wanted something to match.

I like it. It's vintage and will work perfectly. Its not too bulky and is long enough to fit! I should be picking it up tonight! And it was super cheap! Less than $5. Score!

There are several other things I've been looking at online. Well so much that it's taken me this long to sort through my favorites. They are:

These fabulous DIY thank you notes. I thought at first I didnt have a use for them, now I do!

I have to make these. I have about 30+ wooden hangers in a spare bedroom closet we have never used! Time to make some good use out of them!Pin It Now!

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