October 20, 2011

I think this was a rant of some sort.

I feel like there is so much going on right now and I can barely focus on any of it. I have work, Iggy's work, Logan's school, the wedding, honeymoon planning, Iggy's school, trying to find a balance for us to spend time together as a couple and then also as a family, time to clean our house, the holidays are starting (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, the New Year), and then there's Mexico in February. And while all of this is going on around me, I am trying to figure out what I plan on doing after the wedding is over.

We keep going back and forth on whether or not to have baby number 2 after we are married. If so, we are thinking to start trying in March. The simple thought of that makes me nervous for more reasons than one.
  1. I'm ok with Logan being an only child
  2. No sleep. For a long time
  3. Gaining weight again :(
  4. Logan will be in school in August
  5. Iggy starts school full time in January
  6. My medicine won't work with a baby on the way
  7. $$$ babys are expensive $$$
  8. Do we have enough room?!?!?
  9. Daycare (even more $$$$$)
  10. And many more
Plus I have another change I want to make early, very early, in 2012: a new job! I shouldn't even post that while I'm typing the blog at my current job, but it's time. I feel like I'm stuck here because of the wedding. I can't just leave and make such a drastic change while we are planning the weddign. Plus I have to finish out the year since I already have my vacation planned for the honeymoon. With the new year starting, I was wanting to make a huge change. Sometime different. I want out of a call center, thats for sure. I'm unhappy every day I come in to this place. So its time, time for a change. My goal is to start applying for jobs in December and January. Find a new one by March. Not quite as early in the year as I'd like, but it gives me time!

So this post had nothing to do with the wedding. Oops. And none of the posts today will have much to do with the wedding. A few sentences here or there, but that is it. I have a lot to say today. Some catching up to do. And a lot of pictures I wanted to post. Get ready, the blogathon starts now.Pin It Now!

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