April 19, 2011

theknot.com has me feeling pressured!

Do you see what I'm talking about? 227 days to go sounds like a lot of time. But they are saying I have 108 to-dos before the big day. That's about 2 items per day I need to be knocking off of their list. Looks like putting wedding planning on for the past few weeks hasn't turned out to be the greatest idea. Eeek. Gotta get started. And time to start delegating some tasks where necessary.Pin It Now!


  1. I feel ya! 150 days to go (amazing!!) with 132 tasks to do still. Also, after an amazing trip to Michael's this weekend, I've started some random DIY stuff. Good Lord.

  2. Since I live just down the road from you I don't mind help when I can and I'm not at work! :) oh and I have a few DIY wedding books that I never got to use if you would like to go through them. I also completely forgot to drop off those coupons last night I'm sorry!! I will make sure I do it tonight for sure!!!!!! :)