April 3, 2011

Something old, new, borrowed, and blue.

This is one of the few regular wedding traditions I'm set on following.

Old-My old is going to be the pearl necklace that Iggy got me in 2007. I have worn them only 3 times since I got them for me: on his birthday that year, one of our anniversaries and then at my mom's funeral. The second he gave them to me, I knew I would be wearing them at our wedding. This is the one item I want to have either a future daughter of mine or even a future daughter in law of mine wear on her wedding day.

New:Several new things: dress, shoes, and hair piece. The one thing I'm hoping to use as my new item though would be the perfect pearl dangle earrings I saw at Helzberg. I showed them to Iggy hinting that they are what I want as a wedding gift so I'm keeping my fingers crossed! I have pearl studs already, but I want dangle ones that show through my hair and the ones I found are gorgeous! :)

Borrowed- I always thought when I was little that my something borrow would be something of my moms. That's not going to happen now that she has passed away. There's basically nothing that I would even have of hers to borrow. I think this will be one of the hardest ones to figure out. I might call my grandpa (dad's dad) and see if he has something of my grandma's I could wear (since she passed away 2006). It really isn't my wish to not have something of my moms with me, but even something of my grandma's would be nice. I need to get a hold of him and see what he says. I don't even know if he has something I could borrow. I was offered to borrow a veil of Nicole's, but I am still torn on whether or not to wear a veil, a flower hair piece, or a pearl headband. Too many decisions.

Blue-Got it. Knew what it was going to be the second we decided to use blue as our wedding color. Can't wait.Pin It Now!

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