April 1, 2011

I love Macy's!

I am usually NOT a Macy's fan. But after registering there, I absolutely love it. They are not expensive like I thought going into it. We really liked a lot of the items they had too. Registering at Macy's means I'm working on convincing Iggy to delete our Target registry. Oh I hope, and keeping my fingers crossed, that we get to.

The best part about Macy's? I've seen this deal offered 2 times since we have registered!
I think that's a great deal. Not only for those buying off of our registry, but for the other wedding I have to go to for this year! :)Pin It Now!


  1. I get coupons in my email all the time! This will definitely make shopping for all the other weddings easier. I figured out that there are SIX weddings this year (including mine and Brad's). We may go broke. :)

  2. Apparently, I love them too!

    I hope I start getting coupons in the mail! Can not wait to start registry shopping!

  3. Meranda, they almost always have either a good sale going on or a coupon on their website. I buy almost all of Jayden's clothes there because I find them cheaper than anywhere else! Love it. Justin thinks Macy's is expensive also, but if you buy with a coupon and on clearance or on sale you can come out cheaper than going to walmart or target.