August 7, 2011

Working my butt off all weekend on invitations!

I really have been busy working on invites. My goal is to have them completely finished by September 1st. This is a busy month since I have a week of vacation off with iggy, iggys birthday, plus planning for logans birthday the first week of September! These HAVE to get finished!

I worked until 330am last night. Started today around 9 until 1130. And have been going since 9 tonight. Thankfully, iggy pitched in a bit tonight & boy was i ever thankful for that! Even that tiny bit of help makes my aching hands feel better.

I've been taking photos of the process. So here you go:

My workstation-

I took a break for some pizza. Yum!

Then I enlisted iggys help-

And here is what is accomplished now:

I'm working on about 20 more tonight :/ I feel as if they will never end!

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