August 11, 2011

I wrote this list last week...

And this list was a master list (or what I believe to be the master list) of all to do items that need to be done. :)

Here they are. I'm typing them out because the piece of paper in my purse is getting a bit ratty.

-Make belly bands with ribbons and embellishments (a work in process, daily. 24 completed, 15 halfway done. 80 to go)
-Insert with wedding website information
-Assemble bouquets
-Assemble boutonnieres
-Order the 2 garters (finish the diy part on the keepsake one)
-Iggy's present (1.5 out of 3 completed)
-Dress for bridal shower
-Rehearsal dinner clothes for the two of us
-Rehearsal dinner invites
-Create bridal shower/groom shower invites
-Have dates decided upon for both showers
-Betty's thank you shower gift (1/2 finished)
-Parents gifts (well, Betty's gift)
-Phil & Brian's usher gifts
-Tuxedos--->Pick style, order, fitted (Looking at styles on Saturday)
-Finish ring bearer thing, this is not a pillow! Buy and DIY.
-Buy disposable cameras (12-15)
-Make scavenger hunt paper
-Photo upload card inserts
-Finalize bachelorette guest list
-Readers gifts
-Decide on readings
-Meet with Reverend T Michael
-Secret signs (2)----> Now I only remember what 1 of the 2 secret signs were supposed to be :(
-Decide on dates to send out invites
-Assign bridal shower tasks----> Plans for Sunday with Cassie.
-Assign groom shower tasks
-Finalize songs for ceremony, dinner, and reception
-Honeymoon and $$$ for honeymoon
-Original Place cards (oh, please let us have time to do these) & email about the part I can not diy
-Table Numbers---->Still need ideas
-Play/do not play songs for receptions
-Meet with DJ again
-Veil----> Yes or No
-Church decorations: Drip less candles, pew decorations, rose for moms seat, signs, memorial candle
-Ceremony programs (part of the way done)
-Make toss bouquet
-Hooks for church pews
-Accessories for something secret
-Finish bachelorette party thank you gifts (1 is DIY and the other is purchased)!
-Last of groomsmen gifts
-Iggys shoes
-Address invites
-Stamps & lots of them (2 books purchased for RSVP cards)
-Bridesmaids dresses
-guest book for rehearsal dinner (yes, I want a guest book for everything)

This is my list and what I'm working on currently is finishing the invites. I am doing a pretty decent job on getting them finished quicker than I had thought I would. Tonight I plan to finish 10 more. Ahhh. Pin It Now!

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